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Final Year Project Proposal (200 5/06)

Final Year Project Proposal (200 5/06). Dr. Bin Xiao Assistant Professor Department of Computing Email: csbxiao@comp.polyu.edu.hk URL: http://www.comp.polyu.edu.hk/~csbxiao. Sensor networks: self-organization and data collections. BScIT & BAC (XB1 & XB2) What is a sensor network?.

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Final Year Project Proposal (200 5/06)

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  1. Final Year Project Proposal (2005/06) Dr. Bin Xiao Assistant ProfessorDepartment of ComputingEmail: csbxiao@comp.polyu.edu.hkURL: http://www.comp.polyu.edu.hk/~csbxiao

  2. Sensor networks: self-organization and data collections • BScIT & BAC (XB1 & XB2) • What is a sensor network?

  3. Applications for Sensor Networks • Infrastructure Security • Tsing Ma Bridge • Environment and Habitat Monitoring • Industrial Sensing • Traffic Control

  4. Environmental Monitoring Applications • Monitoring interactive phenomena • Atmosphere, Water, Soil, and Biomass • Home security Contaminants And Pathogens H2O C Light

  5. Data Integration • Energy conservation argues for in-network information aggregation • The aggregation of probabilistic information is tricky. • Network configuration and data fusion to a sink node needs more attention.

  6. Communications and new applications for peer-to-peer networks • BAC (XB3) • What is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network? Internet

  7. E? E E? m5 Napster: Example • A killer application: Napster • Free music over the Internet • Key idea: share the storage and bandwidth of individual (home) users m5 E m6 F D m1 A m2 B m3 C m4 D m5 E m6 F m4 C A B m3 m1 m2

  8. P2P Issues Security and Protection Trust Anonymity Reputation Business and Legal Issues Business Models Intellectual Property Rights Sociometry Small World Phenomena Power-Law Networks Network Architecture and Design Network Topology Routing Overlay Networks P2P Distributed Databases Query Decomposition Query Distribution Mediation Distributed Data Structures Distributed Hash Tables Scalable Distributed Data Structures Intelligent Agents/ Web-based Services Matchmaking Service Description

  9. Current popular applications for P2P networks • BitTorrent (BT) software

  10. Current popular applications for P2P networks • Coolstream – an online network TV, using similar technology as BT.

  11. New applications for peer-to-peer networks • Support P2P communication in Internet, or in a heterogeneous network including the fixed Internet, wireless LANs, and the 3G systems. Internet

  12. Security in our daily wireless networks • BAC (XB4) • Wireless networks (including mobile ad hoc networks and sensor networks)

  13. Possible issues • Intrusion detection • Self-monitoring/self-healing wireless networks • Dependability/security optimization and adaptive control • Role of biometrics • Novel threats/attacks/vulnerability • Public key infrastructure implementation • Intrusion tolerant mechanisms • Denial of service attacks and prevention • Secure group communication/multicast • Security considerations for resource constrained devices • Cross-layer network attacks and mitigation • Secure routing protocols • Network controlled secure physical reconfiguration • Redundancy and security • Reasoning about trust in wireless environment • Tools for analysis and verification of protocols • Privacy, contract agreements, and payment systems

  14. The End These three hot topics are waiting for your selections. They are interesting and practical. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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