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Smart Classroom Equipment

Smart Classroom Equipment. Instructions For Use. Contents. Which classrooms are Smart Classrooms ? What Equipment does a Smart Classroom Have? Getting ready to use the equipment Logging onto Thiel network drives Starting the projector Selecting the players When you’ve finished

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Smart Classroom Equipment

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  1. Smart Classroom Equipment Instructions For Use

  2. Contents • Which classrooms are Smart Classrooms? • What Equipment does a Smart Classroom Have? • Getting ready to use the equipment • Logging onto Thiel network drives • Starting the projector • Selecting the players • When you’ve finished • Plugging in other devices (details) • FAQs and Troubleshooting • Recommendations for class use

  3. The following 13 rooms are Smart Classrooms • AC-04, AC-13, AC-34 • AC-108, AC-129, AC-137 • AC-209, AC-233 • G-101 • PC-100 • S-100 • S-200, S-210 Return to Contents Next Topic

  4. The Equipment is Basically the Same in All Rooms • A Podium with computer, monitor, DVD player, VCR, amplifier, extra jacks and cables to attach other equipment • A multimedia projector • Ceiling mounted speakers

  5. S-100 & S-200 have Additional Equipment • mechanically operated projection screens • wireless microphones • S-200 also has a document camera

  6. PC-100 has additional equipment • wireless microphone • a SmartBoard Return to Contents Next Topic

  7. Getting Ready to Use the Equipment …. Before Starting the Projector

  8. If you have media (a CD, videotape or DVD) to play or want to connect a camcorder:Unlock the Cabinet

  9. The Keys Insert with the cut side of the key facing DOWN

  10. Connect Any Additional Equipment Needed • Laptop computer • Camcorder • Document camera • Jump drive

  11. The Power Jacks, Computer and Audio Cables Are Here

  12. You can connect a VCR or camcorder here

  13. You can plug in a USB jump drive or other device here

  14. The Computer Should Be on; • if you see the Windows logo, the computer is on…

  15. It could be on.. Even though the screen may look like this

  16. Jiggle the Mouse, or Press the Caps Lock Keys to Check If the computer is turned on, the monitor should light up…

  17. or a green light will appear on the keyboard if the Caps lock or Num lock is turned on…

  18. If it has been turned off, turn it on here. Return to Contents Next Topic

  19. If You Want to Log on to Access your “J” Drive… • Doubleclick on the Thiel College Network Login icon.

  20. Log on here as usual.. Return to Contents Next Topic

  21. Starting the Projector….

  22. When the Desktop Screen Appears, Double Click on the Projection Icon

  23. In This Window, Enter the Projection Log-in

  24. User name: • BLDG code in caps (no space) room # • Academic Center: AC AC233 • Greenville Hall: GV GV109 • Science Wing: SC SC200 • Phillips Center: PC PC100

  25. Password: • Small letters • No spaces • xxxxxxxx

  26. When This Screen Appears, Click the Start projection system Button

  27. WaitWhile the Projection Lamp Comes on You will see PLEASE WAIT in the message area below the Start button

  28. S-100 and S-200 Have Mechanical Screens • The screen should begin to descend when you log onto the projection system Return to Contents Next Topic

  29. Selecting Players….

  30. When the Projector Is Ready, This Selection Box Will Appear

  31. Click on Your Choice

  32. (the computer was chosen here)

  33. When Using the Computer, Click the Box to Minimize the Projection Window - Do not close it!

  34. To Show a Video

  35. Insert the Media Into the Drive DVD player VCR

  36. Select the Player DVD Controls VCR Controls

  37. And Use the Controls DVD controls VCR Controls

  38. To Adjust the Volume, Click Return DVD controls VCR Controls

  39. Adjust the Volume Here

  40. Then Return to the Player Control Screen

  41. You Can Alternate Between Any or All Players Return to Contents Next Topic

  42. When you have finished….

  43. If You Have Minimized the Projection Window, Click on the Titles in the Bottom Toolbar to Maximize Them

  44. Click the Shut Down Button

  45. Or If You Are in the Projection Control Screen,

  46. Click on the Projector Off Button

  47. Wait While the Message box says COOL DOWN PERIOD

  48. PLEASE NOTE … Do not close the window or log off until the cool down period has ended! If you do, the projector will not shut down.

  49. In S-100 and S-200 • As the projector turns off, the mechanical screen should retract

  50. Once SYSTEM OFF Appears, You May Close the Projection Window… Message indicating that the SYSTEM is OFF

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