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How to take screenshot for all device

This video will present about how to take screenshot all device. CS110 Assignment: <a href="http://www.zamanu.edu.kh"> Zaman University, Cambodia </a>

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How to take screenshot for all device

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  1. How to Take Screenshots on Almost Any Device

  2. With Windows 8.1, it’s quite a bit easier, but that’s case for everything now – Android, Mac OS X, and iOS alike – all have basic procedures that make screenshots a breeze.

  3. Windows 8.1 “PrtScn” copies the screenshot to the clipboard. “Windows + PrtScn” takes a screenshot, which is then saved to the user’s Pictures/Screenshots folder.

  4. Mac OS X “Command + Shift + 3″ takes a screenshot of the entire screen and saves it as an image file to the desktop. “Command + Shift + 4″ opens a selection area (crosshairs) allowing you to select an area, which is then saved as an image file to the desktop .

  5. Android Devices you can execute a screenshot by pressing “Power + Volume Down.” Sometimes a manufacturer will include a screenshot option on the power menu, which you can access by holding down the power button until the menu appears.

  6. IOS devices (iPhones and iPads) To take a screenshot on an iOS device hold the "Power” button and press the “Home” button.

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