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Conjoined Twins

Conjoined Twins

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Conjoined Twins

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  1. Conjoined Twins Alyssa Priem, Alyson Robertson, Ashley Stewart, Lauren Highum

  2. What are conjoined twins? • Identical twins that develop with a single placenta from a single fertilized oocyte • Scientists are unsure of exactly how identical twins fail to separate (around the 13th day) and therefore become conjoined twins. • Believed to be influenced by genetic and environmental factors • Are more often female than male at a ratio of 3:1

  3. Types of Conjoined Twins • Conjoined twins are classified by how they are connected to one another • Each case is different and even if 2 sets of twins share the same conjoined surface each set of conjoined twins has a unique internal structure

  4. What if… ? • You find out you (or your spouse) are pregnant with conjoined twins…. • Do you…. • Have an abortion? or • Take the pregnancy to term?

  5. Abort the pregnancy… • Think of all the surgeries they will need to have later on…prevent their pain • They would always be made fun of • Would never be “Normal” children • Not fair to the children • There would be extremely high medical costs after they were born

  6. When choosing to go through with the pregnancy… • Morally against abortion: “I don’t think I could ever kill a child whether born or unborn, it’s a living thing and it deserves a chance too” • They are your children and you will love them no matter what • They at least deserve a chance at survival and a happy life

  7. Once the twins are born • Do you choose to separate them? • No… • They don’t have privacy, and probably would have a hard time finding a job • Relationship issues • Will you be treated as one person instead of two • In some cases they’re healthier together • Have to learn to get along and adjust to the world in their circumstance • Some feel that they were meant to be this way • What if one gets sick and possibly dies do you separate them to save the other?

  8. Once the Twins are born… • Do you choose to separate them? • Yes… • Must find a doctor who is willing to operate on two healthy individuals potentially harming them further • One could die, both could die or the operation could be a success • How do you decide who gets what organs, limbs, etc.? • Complications from the surgery • Many surgeries to follow • Could go on to lead normal lives if operation is successful • They would have more privacy • Free to have a relationships of their own

  9. If separated…. • One of the twins dies during or soon after surgery • The living twin may feel guilt later in life • Wake up from surgery and realize your other half isn’t there • other psychological issues • Psychological problems for parents • leaving hospital with only one child

  10. If separated… • Both twins could die from complications to the surgery • Sometimes there is one twin that has a greater chance of survival • Still, they both may die in the end • How do you decide which one gets to live?

  11. If separated… • Both twins survive the separation • Unlikely that both will be completely healthy and happy • One may be fine while other has major complications • Did the twins want to be separated? • Very strong want to be together even after separation • -Often hard adjusting to being two separate bodies • *If you go through with the separation surgery you must be willing to accept any of these possible outcomes*