narrow urethra n.
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Narrow Urethra PowerPoint Presentation
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Narrow Urethra

Narrow Urethra

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Narrow Urethra

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  1. Narrow Urethra By: Efren Fuertes

  2. Narrow Urethra • Narrow urethra is found in the urinary tract system. • The urethra is a muscle that allows urine to go past through it and let it out. In men it passes along the penis and the penis tip. In woman the urethra is much shorter, runs against the anterior vagina wall to terminate.

  3. How you get Narrow Urethra? • The urethra can become narrowed either due to pathology within the urethra (intrinsic) or from surrounding structures that compress the urethra (extrinsic). • The urethra narrows due to swelling or scarring of the urethral wall is known as a stricture. • A urethral structure is rare. Other problems may cause an obstruction within the urethra, like urinary stones, and cause similar symptoms to that of a stricture.

  4. What happens to the system? • The semen doesn’t get ejaculated properly. It is harder to let out sperm and you get so little of sperm inside you. Sperm could only get out but not all of it. This picture shows how narrow urethra affects the urinary tract.

  5. How the body try to fix itself? • The body slowly heal itself. Antibiotics won’t help fix your urethra stricture. It would be a waste of money if you do try to fix it with medicine.

  6. What medicines do you need and is it curable? • No medicines could help with a narrow urethra. The body will try to fix itself. Try to go to the doctors for a checkup, because their might be a problem if you don’t. The urethra could probably tear even more and you won’t notice.