gerund v s infinitive n.
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Gerund v.s.Infinitive PowerPoint Presentation
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Gerund v.s.Infinitive

Gerund v.s.Infinitive

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Gerund v.s.Infinitive

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  1. Gerund v.s.Infinitive • Goals: 1. To make students more familiar with the gerund or infinitive constructions 2. Students are expected to produce more sentences with these structures.

  2. Read the letter Dear Grandma: How are you? I had some problem with math at school. I hated doing it—it was so difficult. Then I decided to study really hard. Mom suggested taking extra classes after school. I didn’t want to take extra classes but I agreed to do so because I wanted to pass the test.

  3. So I began taking Math classes three times a week. At first, I didn’t like missing all the fun my friends have—soccer practice, picnics, trips to the park, but now I really enjoy going to the math classes. I learned to do long division and I practiced solving all sorts of problems and, guess what!

  4. I passed the test. But I’m planning to take another course—for A students. If I continue studying this hard, I’ll be better than the teacher! I promise to write again soon. Are you coming to Jason’s party? I hope to see you there. Love, Alex.

  5. From this letter, we learn some verbs take “–ing” form, such as stop, finish, hate, con-tinue, suggest, begin, like, enjoy, and practice. We also find some verbs that take the term “to,” such as forget, remember, try, decide, want, agree, learn, plan, promise, and hope. Presentation

  6. Pay attention! Please note that some verbs can take either “to” or the “-ing” form, such as love, learn, like, hate, start, begin, and continue.

  7. Find eight verbs in the puzzle.Write them.

  8. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs. • I enjoy _______especially Chinese food. (eat ) • They suggested _____ a picnic by the river. (have) • He promised _____his homework. (do) • She learned _____the piano last year. (play ) • We practiced _____ the ball into the goal. (hit) • She wants ____ psychology when she’s older. (study) • We decided ______ a movie on television. (see)