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QSSB Partnership Workshop Domestic Opportunities PowerPoint Presentation
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QSSB Partnership Workshop Domestic Opportunities

QSSB Partnership Workshop Domestic Opportunities

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QSSB Partnership Workshop Domestic Opportunities

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  1. QSSB Partnership WorkshopDomestic Opportunities Melanie Fitzpatrick U.S. Utilization Director June 12, 2012

  2. 2011 Domestic Soybean Consumption (million bushels) Total Human Consumption = 19% Total Animal Consumption = 75% Total Industrial Consumption = 6%

  3. Domestic Oil and Meal Markets Soybean Oil (million lbs.) Soybean Meal (million metric tons)

  4. MEAL Increase the value of U.S. soybean meal to the entire value chain

  5. Food Industry • Marketing to Consumer Health and Nutrition Influencers • Soy Health Research • Soy Nutrition Institute

  6. Feed Industry

  7. Increasing Meat Exports • (Indirect Meal Exports Through Meat)

  8. OIL Increase the value of U.S. soy oilto the value chain

  9. Effect of Trans Fat Labeling • Edible usage of soybean oil: • Market share peaked at 80% • Volume peaked in 2005 at 17 billion lbs • 2005 to 2010: • 2010 market share at 62% (loss of 18%) • 2010 volume at 13.970 billion lbs (loss of 3.6 billion lbs)

  10. High Oleic Projected(pounds oil produced)

  11. DMC Food Industry/Health ActivitiesRelated to High Oleic Soy Oil • IFT Annual Expo • SNAXPO: One-on-One Mtgs. • Foodservice Microsite • Food Industry Study • Soy Solutions Brochure • E-newsletters to Food Industry/Health Pros • CIA World of Flavors • Int’l Corp. Chefs Assoc. • Nat’l Assoc. of College and Univ. Food Service Show • Food Service Study • Menu Prototypes • Trade Advertising • Trade Media Pitches • Am. Dietetic Assoc. • Am. Acad. of Physicians Assistants • American Association of Nurse Practitioners …….and more

  12. Menu Prototype Project:RD High Oleic Foodservice Kits • Wendy’s • Subway • Compass Group • Yum! Brands (KFC/Taco Bell) • McDonald’s • Denny’s Inc. • Burger King • Ruby Tuesday’s • OSI Group (Bonefish/Carrabas) • National Restaurant Assoc. • Dine Equity (Applebees/IHOP)

  13. Advanced Biofuels Initiative The Advanced Biofuels Initiative is a three year marketing campaign utilizing radio, TV and print advertising highlighting EPA findings.

  14. FREEDOM TO OPERATE Ensure that our industry and its customers have the freedom and infrastructure to operate

  15. DMC Freedom to Operate Efforts • Sustainability of Soybean Production • Biotechnology Acceptance • Animal Agriculture

  16. Multi-state Project: Feedstock, Energy Use, and Low Carbon Fuel Standards Three year project managed by Iowa Soybean Association USB funds $750,000 per year Addresses efforts by public and private environmental interests to develop standards for production of soybeans All use inadequate, outdated production data to determine US soybean production’s sustainability All pose market opportunities and threats to U.S. soybean producers based on the industry ‘s ability to respond

  17. Biotech Acceptance in Foods • “Biotech Breakfast Bash” • NY Dietetic Association • Health Professional BiotechStudy • IFT 2012 Session • “An Inside Look at the American Farm and Sustainable Practices” • “Biotech for Health Professionals” Brochure

  18. Animal Ag Freedom to Operate Data and Documentation For use by all stakeholders Center for Food Integrity Provides strategies, tools, and other resources to farmers and food systems stakeholders State Animal Ag Support Allows QSSBs to customize their grassroots efforts

  19. Data and Documentation • State-by-state Economic Analysis • Cost of Offshoring Animal Agriculture • Environmental Regulatory Audit • CFI Consumer Trust Survey

  20. State Animal Ag Support DMC Partners with 18 QSSBs More than $800,000 goes directly to QSSBs Assists QSSBs in taking advantage of CFI Programs Funds creative non-media outreach activities customized to states’ needs

  21. CUSTOMER FOCUS Meet our customers’ needs with quality soy products and services to enhance and expand our markets

  22. Biobased Communications to Government Audiences • Biobased Outreach – informs government purchasers about the availability and benefitsof soy based products • Tactics • • quarterly “Biobased Solutions for Government” newsletter • “Biobased Success Stories • government sponsored trade shows • one-on-one meetings • Many successes launched by USB sponsored demonstration project where products were donated for them to test

  23. Food IndustrySoy Oil Labeling Campaign Gain retail test market trial with soy oil labeling Consumers perceive soy oil as healthier than vegetable oil 91 % of Americans are unaware that most vegetable oil is soybean oil 49% reported that their decision to buy a given product changed because of what they read on front of pack food package

  24. Animal Ag Customer Focus Animal Nutrition Working Group Engages 14 top Ph.D. nutritionists 100 percent volunteers Tyson, Perdue, Land O’Lakes, Cargill and more… Improved Trait Research Low-raffinose, Low-stachyose varieties Multiple Species and Institutions Engaged Auburn University broiler trial University of Minnesota turkey trial ADM pig nursery and grower/feeder trials

  25. Questions?