qualities of an exceptional stso leader n.
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Qualities of an Exceptional STSO/Leader PowerPoint Presentation
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Qualities of an Exceptional STSO/Leader

Qualities of an Exceptional STSO/Leader

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Qualities of an Exceptional STSO/Leader

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  1. Qualities of an Exceptional STSO/Leader STSO Ad Hoc Committee: Alison Juliano Bill Reitsma Scott McKellips Javira Harris Darrell Robinson Lynn Oliver Julie Olson

  2. An Exceptional STSO

  3. An Exceptional STSO

  4. Tools and Support:

  5. Examples of Commitment • Gives feedback on a regular basis to assist the individual and the team • Makes sure people get the breaks they need • Partners with ICMS coordinator to create safety in raising issues

  6. Tools and Support:

  7. Examples of Inspiration and Optimism • Real World Scenario: • STSO created healthy competition with a commitment to acknowledge anyone on his team who beat his TIPS score; • Worked with team members to identify their areas of weakness and raise their scores; • Worked with team to limit distractions; • Had team members with particular strengths mentor others to raise scores; and, • Followed through on the promise. • Result: Team members focused, excited, energized.

  8. Examples of Inspiration and Optimism • Real World Scenario: • STSO introduced “Whale of a Job” award; • Identified someone on team with excellent performance one day and gave her a plastic whale; • Made that team member responsible for identifying the person to whom the whale would be given at the end of the day’s briefing. • Result: Team members motivated to become the top performer

  9. Tools and Support:

  10. Example of Intuition and Instinct • Real World Scenario: • STSO noticed two team members who were not engaged; • Identified different reasons for their lack of attention; • One, fatigued, was sent to do another task while “recharging”; • The other, unchallenged, was given a task that challenged and engaged her. • Result: Team members got what they needed and so did the organization

  11. Tools and Support:

  12. Example of Creating Calm • Real World Scenario: • TSO raised concern about another team member; • STSO validated concern; • STSO addressed other team member in private and coached/mentored him; • The issue was not allowed to fester but, rather, was managed and resolved at lowest possible level. • Result: Team members were able to focus on their jobs instead of on the conflict

  13. Tools and Support:

  14. Example of Credibility and Authenticity • Real World Scenario: • Shorthanded on Christmas night; STSO was dealing with incident reports as well as baggage; • TSOs needed help the STSO couldn’t give in the moment; • STSO acknowledged the need, expressed support, and asked for five more minutes of patience; • TSOs saw that all were at their maximum, redoubled their efforts and, when STSO came to help, most of the work was done. • Result: Team members knew the STSO was in it with them and together they got it done