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Holiday Facts & Trivia! PowerPoint Presentation
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Holiday Facts & Trivia!

Holiday Facts & Trivia!

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Holiday Facts & Trivia!

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  1. Holiday Facts & Trivia! ?

  2. You're right! Ho Ho Ho!Click on me to return to the game board.

  3. Music 1 What song contains the phrase fa la la la la la la la la? Jingle Bells A Silent Night B Deck the Halls C

  4. Music 2 What is roasting on an open fire in the Christmas song? marshmallows A chestnuts B hot dogs C

  5. Music 3 Who is coming to town in the popular Christmas carol? Rudolph A Santa B Mrs. Claus C

  6. Music 4 In the song about Rudolph, what is the weather like on Christmas Eve? foggy A frightful B snowy C

  7. Music 5 How many turtle doves were sent in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas? seven A five B two C

  8. Way to go! Feliz Navidad!Click on me to return to the game board.

  9. Food 1 What are latkes? cookies A candy canes B potato pancakes C

  10. Food 2 Name a food item people often string together to make garland? pasta A popcorn B beans C

  11. Food 3 Which is a holiday drink? egg nog A sprite B chocolate milk C

  12. Food 4 In Swahili, the word Kwanzaa means what? fresh fruits A first fruits B second fruits C

  13. Food 5 What country might serve turron for dessert? France A Italy B Spain C

  14. Right on! Sweet as a candy cane!Click on me to return to the game board.

  15. Around the World 1 What is the Jewish holiday celebrated in December? Hanukkah A Kwanzaa B La Posada C

  16. Around the World 2 In what country would you wish someone Feliz Navidad? France A England B Mexico C

  17. Around the World 3 In what country would you wish someone Joyeux Noel? Sweden A Germany B France C

  18. Around the World 4 What is Santa Claus called in England? St. Nicholas A Father Christmas B Sinterklaas C

  19. Around the World 5 What do Dutch children leave out for Santa to fill with presents? wooden shoes A stockings B a shopping bag C

  20. No lumps of coal for you!Click on me to return to the game board. Great answer!

  21. Traditions 1 What happens when you stand under the mistletoe? reindeer fly A it falls on your head B you get kissed C

  22. Traditions 2 What do bad boys and girls get for Christmas? time out A coal in their stockings B candy canes C

  23. Traditions 3 What is the name of the famous singing chipmunk? Chubby A Alvin B Chip C

  24. Traditions 4 What was Scrooge’s favorite saying in “A Christmas Carol”? “Bug off!” A “Bah, Humbug!” B “Jiminy Cricket!” C

  25. Traditions 5 What do people hang on their doors at Christmas? mistletoe A wreaths B poinsettia C

  26. So smart! Happy Holiday!Click on me to return to the game board.

  27. Santa for 1 Which are three of Santa’s reindeer? Frosty, Scrooge, and Tiny Tim A Blitzen, Cupid, and Prancer B Rudolph, Alvin, and Comet C

  28. Santa for 2 Where does Santa live? Alaska A South Pole B North Pole C

  29. Santa for 3 What is another name for Santa Claus? Kris Kringle A Kristmas Karol B Christopher Columbus C

  30. Santa for 4 Who was chosen to lead Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve? Dasher A Dancer B Rudolph C

  31. Santa for 5 How many times does Santa check his list? thrice A once B twice C

  32. Bonus Question! ?

  33. What is the name of the famous Christmas ballet enjoyed by children? A Christmas Carol A The Nutcracker B Swan Lake C

  34. Super Santa Solvers! EXIT PLAY AGAIN

  35. Happy Holidays! Created by: The Instructional Technology Department Holiday Jeopardy PowerPoint Adapted by B. Burkett, December 2004 End Show