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when do i give my dog a bath n.
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When do I give my dog a bath? PowerPoint Presentation
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When do I give my dog a bath?

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When do I give my dog a bath?
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When do I give my dog a bath?

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  1. When do I give my dog a bath? From foukeffa.org Written by Cara Sue Langley Ag Student Texas A&M GA Ag Ed Curriculum Office To accompany the Georgia Agriculture Education Curriculum Course 02423 July 2001

  2. When do I give my dog a bath? • How often a dog should be bathed is different for each breed. • Breeds prone to skin conditions benefit from regular bathing about every six weeks. • Double-coated breeds only need bathing about 3 or 4 times a year.

  3. What kind of shampoo do I use? • That depends on your pet's coat and any specific needs you have, like moisturizing the skin. • Always use a shampoo specially formulated for dogs. Human shampoos are harsher and are formulated with a different pH than what a dog needs.

  4. Blow dry or not? • Many breeds with kinky coats or with long, flowing coats will have a better look and texture to the hair. • Use a blow dryer on the low setting. When working on the head, never direct the flow of air into the pet's face.

  5. What kind of shampoo? • Hypoallergenic

  6. Who does this apply to…. • These include the Poodle, Bichon Frise, Old English Sheepdog, Afghan hound, and Maltese, for example.

  7. Bathing and Clean-Up • A Fairly Bearable Bath • Showers Predicted; Dress Accordingly • Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Will He Fit in the Tub?

  8. Exercise Proper Restraint Use the Hands-On Approach Basic Washing Instructions Now We'll Put You under the Dryer No Need to Quarrel over a Few Suds More….

  9. Let’s give ‘em a bath! • 1. Gather all supplies and keep them within arm's reach. Everything you need should be right next to the bath. • 2. Protect your pet's ears.Place one or two cotton balls in each ear as a barrier should any water accidentally get in the ear canal.

  10. More steps… • 3. Protect your pet's eyes.A drop of mineral oil in your pet's eyes prior to bathing will form a thin coating over the eyeball to help keep soaps and chemicals from irritating the eyes.

  11. 4. Properly lift your dog to avoid injury.If you need to lift your dog into a tub, avoid possible injury to both you and your dog by using proper lifting techniques.

  12. 5. Wet the coat.Turn the water on slowly and adjust the temperature and water pressure before ever turning the water on the pet. • 6. Shampoo the coat.Being systematic ensures you thoroughly cover the entire pet.

  13. 7. Wash areas that need special attention.Areas that are often neglected are between the pads, under the stomach, under the tail, under the neck, in facial wrinkles, and the ear leather (flap). A rubber brush can help remove feces or any other matter that may be clinging to the hair. • 8. Rinse very well.Again, check the temperature of the water. • 9. Apply a moisturizer, if needed.

  14. Lastly… • 10. Dry the pet.Once the pet has been bathed, squeeze the excess water out of the coat with your hands.