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  1. slide 1 VE700 Vector Verified Enhanced motion sensor

  2. V²E technology?- VE700 series?- Product details,- Competition- Product alignment- Next steps

  3. slide 3 New generation of motion sensor will verify:  What has happened?  What was the source? New

  4. slide 4 V²E technology Each event has his own finger-print. Detector will analyze the signal prior making the alarm decision.

  5. slide 5 V²E technology will provides two eyes to the motion sensors,  Additional dimension

  6. slide 6 • Conventional PIR Technology: • When IR radiation value exceeds the threshold  alarm ! • V²E’sTechnology: • When an intruder (IR radiator) moves in surveillance area  alarm !

  7. ²E- family slide 7 GE Security new patented technology, New platform for future PIR motion sensors, New family name: • “V²E” stands for: • Vector Verifies Enhanced motion sensor,

  8. V²E technology key component (cont’d) • V²E pyro-electric sensor Illustration of one detection curtain Illustration of one detection curtain • Dual element pyro-electric sensor Signal from PYRO Signal from PYRO

  9. V²E technology key component (cont’d) • V²E pyro-electric sensor Signal from PYRO Signal from PYRO • Dual element pyro-electric sensor V²E µProcessor 4D ASIC

  10. T [°C] Combine pixel information: series opposed elements time value Value [V] • V²E pyro-electric sensor T [°C] Combine pixel information: V²E correlation vector Value [V] time Multi dimensional signal: vector -> pattern recognition / correlation Value [V] V²E technology key component (patent granted) • Dual element pyro-electric sensor Single dimensional signal: value -> threshold / 4D-algorithm

  11. V²E technology key component (cont’d) Whole PZT part in the Pyro can is sensitive to IR signal. Infinitive resolution sensitive area compare to conventional Pyro (2 segments)

  12. V²E technology V²E V²E is the powerful technology to transform the received signal to the unique pattern

  13. Thermal Non motion sources RFI White light Air turbulence FalseAlarm signals

  14. Intrudersignal Signal pattern analyze Signal from the source The first motion sensor in the security market with real signal analyze and pattern recognition

  15. Motion: cross-walks under crawl intermittent walks Non-motion events: white-light air-turbulence shock thermal non-motion electronic interference V²E technology benefits Discriminate between motion events and non-motion events Volumetric detection Increased detection performance Improved false-alarm immunity

  16. VE700: • V²E technology (new pyro, electronics, detection algorithm) • HDO mirrors • Beam patterns • Technology improvements

  17. High density optics • NO detection gap • From 9 to 11 curtains • Auto Range control by V²E processing

  18. Product Specification • 20m volumetric + 60m long range • Patented PYRO electric sensor • DSP-driven detection algorithm • High density mirror optics • Absolute volumetric sensor • Left to right or right to left alarm mode • 3 alarm sensitivities • Self test with trouble output relay and Yellow LED • Event memory • Plug-in electronics • Easy to install with laser beam alignment tool • Pry-off and anti-tamper cover • Submitted for all major European security approvals • VE735 & VE736

  19. Installation Label

  20. VE700 sensitivity settings

  21. VE700 sensitivity settings Indicate when the sensor will trigger an alarm

  22. VE700 sensitivity settings (Cont’d) Low sensitivity: Use where there is a risk of false alarms. Not to be used in long-range applications (>20 m). Medium sensitivity: Most situations (ex-factory) High sensitivity:Use for high-risk situations and corridor applications St H L

  23. Chime mode Indicate when the sensor will trigger

  24. Chime mode Motion CW Motion CCW Sensitive to the Intruder direction in the surveillance area

  25. Chime mode and application (store) Armed: Volumetric and long range detection with V²E technology Disarmed: During the quite period, the store owner will get chime signal when someone enter the store

  26. Chime mode and application (bank) Armed: Volumetric and long range detection with V²E technology Disarmed: When someone get on the stairs chime function will warn the bank employee

  27. Chime mode and application (airport) Armed: Volumetric and long range detection with V²E technology Disarmed: When someone walks left chime function will warn the airport security guard employee

  28. Curtain Location Mode

  29. Applications Long range application

  30. Complicated false alarm sources Industrial heaters:Common in commercial and industrial areas

  31. Complicated false alarm sources Note:detector on rightpaper flyers in FOV

  32. Complicated false alarm sources Note:motion detector

  33. Complicated false alarm sources Boilers, etc:steam escaping through safety valve

  34. Competition VE735 is the only long range PIR with: close by wide angle + long range protection pattern

  35. LR Alignment

  36. Alignment With VE710

  37. Alignment Without VE710

  38. Replace: the EV635 rang, • Availability: August/04, • Next to come: VE735AM