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The Boston Tea Party by Blake Steffens PowerPoint Presentation
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The Boston Tea Party by Blake Steffens

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The Boston Tea Party by Blake Steffens
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The Boston Tea Party by Blake Steffens

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  1. The Boston Tea Partyby Blake Steffens Teatime. If you lived across the world from someone who ruled you and put crazy taxes on your items that you buy everyday would you be angry? I would be mad. What if the people made it so the people you buy from go bankrupt because the new stuff is cheaper? It’s not fair for the marked people to go bankrupt over a tax. So the people acted. That’s how the Boston tea party started

  2. Boston Tea Party • The end of it • How it started More info The boycott

  3. How it started • In 1773, Britain’s East India Company had a lot of tea that they could not sell in England. The company was almost bankrupt. Trying to save the company the government passed an act called the Tea Act. That act gave the company the right to export its tea right to the colonies without paying any regular taxes. With this advantage the company could sell their tea for less than the American tea. The tea sellers in America were afraid of no one buying their tea because the British tea was cheaper.

  4. More info • The company would then grant franchises to certain American merchants who they would go bankrupt by the new sellers. When the company did this the merchants who were not included were angry. The tea act started the issue of taxation without representation. The British thought that most of the people would not mind the new law because it lowered the price of tea. Colonists also feared that if they went along with the tax the British would put more taxes on them.

  5. The Boycott • The colonists decided to boycott the tea. The boycott helped link all the colonists together. It then formed a massive protest. The women were the main tea drinkers so they were the leaders of the effort to boycott. On December 16 1773 three groups of 50 men each dressed as Indians boarded three docked ships that held the tea. They then broke open tea chests and tossed then into the water. When the news of this event spread other towns followed the example and did acts of their own.

  6. The end of it • The Boston port was closed. Parliament was very angry and passed the Coercive Acts. The Boston tea party started the beginning of violence between the mother country and the colonies. The colonists showed the Britons not to tax their tea. That was the end of the Boston tea party. bibliography

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