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  1. BERGAMOT ORANGE Energising fruit basket composed of citrus fruits in the opening of ‘Bergamot Orange’ set on edge. Red pepper combined with newly mowed grass adds to its aroma and finalises with the sweet and nice smell of caramel.

  2. LAVENDER LEAF Energising and herbal combination of lavender and eucalyptus tree in the opening of “Lavender Leaf” is refreshing. It reveals the aromatic characteristics of absinthe and anasone. After that, it combines with oak weed for a well-balanced green odour.

  3. VANILLA BLOSSOM Cake and caramel aroma in the opening of “Vanilla Blossom” is quite juicy and appetising; cinnamon in the medium notes highlights the aromatic characteristics of the fragrance. It is well balanced by vanilla that grows in tropical climates, and by thick odour of the perfect patchouli harmony from Indonesia.

  4. OCEAN BREEZE “Cold Water Breeze” that offers a refreshing start-up with energising and sparkling bergamot, lime and orange blossom contents reveals the flowery characteristics of the fragrance by virtue of a jasmine and lily of the valley bouquet one the one hand, and balances the nice and strong odour of sandalwood, amber and musk combination on the other hand.

  5. PEACH PrunusPersica… Peach is the most precious fruit of the roseceae. Symbol of a long life and immortality in mythology, peach will take you to a sweet summer night and you will feel the soft breeze of a mild climate in peace and serenity.