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  1. The minestsry of education and science of the Russian Federation FSAEB HPE«Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin»Institute of radio electronics and information technologies — RTFHFDRC DepartmentLIBRARY DATABASETeacher: Efremova D.P.Student: Kondrasheva O.S.Group: RI-400210EKATERINBURG 2014

  2. Database " Library " is a program for database management; PROBLEM STATEMENT

  3. DATABASE DESIGN: Description of the database tables • Author • Publishing • Storage • Book • Exemplar • Reader • Librarian • Abstract • Lending • H_usebook

  4. DATABASE DESIGN: Description database procedures Procedure - a setofoperators T-SQL, whichiscompiled SQL Serversysteminto a single " executionplan " • 1 ) AddUser - getsthereadername, passportdetails , e-mail, adds a tuplewiththedataobtainedinthereader • 2 ) AddAuthor - getstheauthor'sname, adds a tuplewiththedataobtainedintheauthor

  5. DATABASE DESIGN: Description database procedures 3 ) AddPublishing - receivespublishingcode , name, fullnameandcityofpublisher , adds a tuplewiththedataobtainedinthepublishing 4 ) AddBook - gets ISBN, booktitle, author'sname, codepublisher, yearofpublishing, adds a tuplewiththefindingsinthebook, usetheprocedureAddAuthor 5 ) AddLend - gets a librarycardnumber , ID librarianadds a tuplewiththedataobtainedinthelending

  6. DATABASE DESIGN: Description of triggers and Jobs Trigger - a stored procedure a special type that the user does not call itself, and the execution of which is due to the occurrence of certain events ( action) • AddBookHistory - trigger locking usage history books

  7. DATABASE DESIGN: Description of triggers and Jobs Jobs (jobs) - isthemostcommonlyusedtooltoautomateadministrativeoperations • BackupJob - jobautomaticallymakes a backupcopyofthedatabase «c: \ backups \ backup.sql»

  8. EVALUATION of database normalization • Normal form - property relations in the relational data model, which characterizes it in terms of redundancy, which could potentially lead to erroneous results logically sampling or data change • Each tuple contains only one value for each attribute • All non-key attributes of all relations functionally dependent on the entire primary composite key • All depending on non-key attributes from key - direct (without transitivity)

  9. CONCLUSION • All necessary actions on the database were placed in the procedure • Were implemented triggers Jobs • Were tested

  10. List of references • Viejra R. Programming of databases MS SQL Server 2005 for professionals • YP Parfenov. Lectures on discipline, industrial DBMS. Part 1: MS SQL SERVER

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