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Jewelry Box Project Presentation

Jewelry Box Project Presentation. Maurice Harvey Jr Jan 8 2010. Goals/Purpose Slide.

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Jewelry Box Project Presentation

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Jewelry Box Project Presentation Maurice Harvey Jr Jan 8 2010

  2. Goals/Purpose Slide 1. The goal of this project was to build a jewelry box. First we had practice with the hole & pocket. We had to put 4 holes at each corner and cut threw the middle. The next tutorial we had did was the contour. We had to cut a swirl line out from the two end points. The next one we had did was the terraced one. We had to make a rectangle on top of the other rectangle with a triangle in it. The last and final one was the engraving text I thought that was the easiest one that we had did.

  3. Working Drawings (.idw) of Jewelry Box

  4. Edge CAM screen captures of JB

  5. CNC Base screen captures of JB

  6. Photos of Jewelry Box Top & Bottom

  7. Conclusion Slide From this project I learned how to make an object by using a machine and different ways you can do it. My project had problem as in wrong coordinates and codes. It got solved by figuring out the rite coordinates and codes. I could have done better my box top because it a little un even and I could have made it better. The thing I would have done different is letting the machine put my letters in for me.

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