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Poster Template

Poster Template

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Poster Template

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  1. Poster Template • This template is a general guide • Be sure sections align vertically and horizontally • The rest of the template can be adapted to what works for your project best! • A literature review poster will be structured a little differently than a bench science or a case report poster – that’s okay! • Please do not significantly alter the spacing for the logo or the Title and Author lists • The title should match what you submitted as your Abstract title – this will allow the audience to find your poster easier • Be sure to list all of those working on the project as authors as appropriate • Reference this for a guide on authorship • The first author does most of the work and the last author is the lead investigator or project PI/mentor • Be sure to only include your poster slide when you finalize it, prior to sending back to OSA for printing! • Contact OSA or the PNWU research committee with questions

  2. Introduction/Background • Introduce your topic to the audience from more general to specific background knowledge on the topic • This is to facilitate understanding for those naïve to the topic • Emphasize why/how this project is important • Explain project rationale • Explain how this topic adds to the literature • Use bullet points when possible to ease reading • Avoid lengthy blocks of text (it shouldn’t look like a journal article)

  3. Methods • Describe the study procedures • Use bulleted text • "This section should include enough detail to let people know enough specific information so that they can understand the results, conclusions, and possible limitations of the study. Consult with your faculty mentor to make sure appropriate detail is included here." • Be ready to answer questions about additional methods left off the poster

  4. Results • Use bullet points to summarize key findings • When possible, show results in picture/graph/table/figure formats • For qualitative work (e.g., focus groups or interviews), use representative quotes from participants, if applicable

  5. Figures and Tables • Numerical data in tables should be presented with mean/median and standard deviation/SEM/range/CI • Be sure to include error bars on figures when appropriate • Indicate significance using a symbol or p-value • If using symbols, the level of significance should be indicated in the methods section (i.e. *p<0.05, **P<0.01, etc.) • Figures/Tables should be clearly labeled with a number and title above • The x- and y-axis should be clearly labeled, with an appropriate scale of measurement adjacent to the axis label • You can summarize the results in bullet format under each table/figure • You are discouraged from copying/pasting images/results from other papers • If this is unavoidable, be sure to reference appropriately next to the image title • Ensure image resolution by zooming in at 300x on Power Point

  6. Conclusions • Summarize the major findings of this research • Do/es your finding(s) conflict or agree with the broader literature on this topic? • If the topic is so novel you’re unsure, that’s okay – say so! e.g., because this is a pilot study, we are unaware of research on this topic outside of our own work • State the next steps needed to take your results further • How can these findings be applied to your population of interest? • How could they be used in the clinical setting or impact clinical practice, if applicable?

  7. Acknowledgements & Citations • Recognize the help you received from those not qualifying as Authors on the poster • Recognize funding sources, no matter how small • Most posters shouldn’t need to list more than 3-5 citations, of course there are exceptions • These should be in smaller font, so they don’t take up valuable poster space • Only citations actually linked to statements on the poster should be included in this list.

  8. Submission • Please save poster slide as a PDF • We will only be accepting posters in PDF format • Use the following link to submit your final poster: • Final posters are due 8:00am March 27, 2019 • No changes will be accepted once final posters are submitted

  9. Author’s Names and OMS year; be sure to list faculty mentors also Abstract Project Title Add text here More Results, or start Conclusions Methods Introduction/Background Results Add text here Add text here Add text here Add text here Conclusions or Citations or Acknowledgements Add text here Citations, or Acknowledgements Graphics, if applicable, could also go here, headings can be individualized per graphic, table, figure, etc Add text here LEARN. CARE. COMMUNITY.

  10. Author Last Name First Initial 1, Author Last Name First Initial 2, Author Last Name First Initial 3, etc. First Author Institution 1, Second Author Institution 2, Third Author Institution 3, etc. Add Title Here Methods Introduction/Background Abstract More results or start of conclusions Add text here Add text here Add text here Add text here Conclusions or Citations or Acknowledgements Add text here Results Citations or Acknowledgements Add text here LEARN. CARE. COMMUNITY.