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Accelerator and NuMI Upgrades Shutdown Update

Accelerator and NuMI Upgrades Shutdown Update. Cons Gattuso July 02, 2012. Accelerator and NuMI Upgrades. Recycler Ring, RR New injection line into RR 30 % Done RR/MI 30 Straight Section Ecool Decommissioning Done RR30 Reinstallation Extraction line Installation

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Accelerator and NuMI Upgrades Shutdown Update

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  1. Accelerator and NuMI UpgradesShutdown Update Cons Gattuso July 02, 2012 Cons Gattuso

  2. Accelerator and NuMI Upgrades • Recycler Ring, RR • New injection line into RR 30% Done • RR/MI 30 Straight Section • Ecool Decommissioning Done • RR30 Reinstallation • Extraction line Installation • New 53 MHz RF system • Instrumentation Upgrades 65% Done • New abort kickers 5% Done • Decommissioning of pbarcomponents 95% Done • Main Injector • Two 53 MHz cavities 65% Done • Quad Power Supply Upgrade -Done • Low Level RF System • NuMI • Change to medium energy n beam configuration (new target, horn, configuration)35% Done • Cooling & power supply upgrades 35% Done Cons Gattuso, AEM

  3. NuMI Target Hall Status • New NoVA/ANU Target Pile fan cooling coil • Identified leaks in two original cooling coils • Disconnected leaking cooling coils and replaced(2) • Installation of new DP dehumidifier condenser unit • Complete installation of the condenser coil housing • Complete reconfiguration of SR-3 ductwork above Target Pile fan housing • DP dehumidifiers units 4 &5 blower units not operating, those have since been repaired • Target Pile dehumidifier repairs & upgrades • Install new diffuser cones for blow housing • Install remaining duct work Cons Gattuso

  4. DP Dehumidifier Condenser Unit Cons Gattuso

  5. TP Dehumidifier Upgrades Cons Gattuso

  6. Horn 1 and 2 RAW water systems NoVA/ANU upgrade • Completed • Relocate target chase components • Horn 1 to morgue • Target to morgue • Horn 2 to work cell • NoVA Horn 2 relocation • Remove R-block positioning strap • Relocated blue blocks from top of air dam • Cut out & remove welded sheet metal air dam • Remove 8 blue blocks from under air dam • Placed blue blocks in individual coffins • Move coffins to APO for temp storage Cons Gattuso

  7. Horn 1 RAW Skid Complete Cons Gattuso

  8. Target Hall Rail System Cons Gattuso

  9. T-Block Storage Area Cons Gattuso

  10. Target Hall Chase Cons Gattuso

  11. RR/MI Issues Encountered • RR RF cavities • Vacuum issues • External water line installation • NuMI Cable Penetrations • Q620 cross over • Cable penetration failing • Main Injector General Maintenance • Water leak on Main Dipole MI327 • Fixed • Instrumentation • Multiwires (MI/RR/NuMI) • Ti wire manufacture delay • Split plan type stop issue • Slower motor • BPM • Rack cabling issues 10% failure rate • Injection Line • Assembly drawings • Interferences • Magnets/stands • Support structures • Bake out systems • Heater Tape Failure • Taking partial shipment of new tape from vendor • Heater controller issues • Expertise issues • Crew structure • Vacuum components delayed • Beam pipe • Meeting our Specifications • Spool pieces creation • Off Project beam pipe expansion in the 400 and 520 regions Cons Gattuso

  12. Starting Plan Jan 2013 3M 1M 4M 7M 2M 5M 6M 8M 9M 10M 11M Cons Gattuso

  13. Current Schedule Jan 2013 3M 1M 4M 7M 2M 5M 6M 8M 9M 10M 11M MI Aperture upgrade RR RF shifted later

  14. MI/RR Shutdown 2012 3/4 of a service building pulls Mount Ranson • New Cable pull approach has cut time nearly in half for cable pulls. • Cable spooled to specific length • Total cables pulls for the shutdown come to ~80 miles of cable.

  15. MI/RR Shutdown 2012 June 17 - 23 Ion Pump Reconfiguration MIRF 4A in place

  16. NuMI V108 Cable that failed last year June 24 - 30

  17. MI/NuMI Cable Penetration

  18. E-cool Section

  19. Lack of E-Cool

  20. MI Mask at 307 350 mr/hr @ 1 ft Cons Gattuso

  21. Injection line Cons Gattuso

  22. Cons Gattuso

  23. Cons Gattuso

  24. Cons Gattuso

  25. Injection line Cons Gattuso

  26. MI-30 shielding 5 pallets of lead blankets ~10-15 K lbs of lead Cons Gattuso

  27. WWW-Cons Cons Gattuso

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