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A Road Safety Decade - The Case for Action Presentation by Rita Cuypers PowerPoint Presentation
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A Road Safety Decade - The Case for Action Presentation by Rita Cuypers

A Road Safety Decade - The Case for Action Presentation by Rita Cuypers

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A Road Safety Decade - The Case for Action Presentation by Rita Cuypers

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  1. A Road Safety Decade - The Case for Action Presentation by Rita Cuypers A Decade of Action from Road Safety Seminar Wednesday 18th June, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  2. In 2006 the Commission for Global Road Safety chaired by Lord Robertson, (former NATO Secretary General) published the Make Roads Safe report with three major proposals: • A $300 million, 10 year Action Plan should be • launched to promote national road safety capacity • building in low and middle income countries; • A minimum 10% of road infrastructure project • Costs should be committed to road safety; • A Ministerial Conference on global road safety • should be held in 2009.

  3. Petition presented to Ban Ki-moon

  4. Moscow Ministerial Conference 19/20 November 2009

  5. “New history on road safety will be written in Moscow on November 19-20 2009 at the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, to be ensured by the presence of representatives of every country in the world” “Come to Moscow to participate in History”

  6. New Report calls for a Decade of Action • For Road Safety • The new report contrasts the commitment’s • already made by the international community to • the eradication of malaria. These include: • The UN Decade to Roll Back Malaria 2001-2010 • A Global Fund launched by G8 with US $2.8 billion funding approved to date. • Appointment of a UN Special Envoy for Malaria • And yet today road traffic fatalities kill and injure on a greater scale than malaria...and • is forecast to be come the world’s leading cause of death and disability for children • above the age of five by 2015.

  7. DALYS in Developing Countries (Children Age 5-14) (DALYS = Disability Adjusted Life Years)

  8. The Goal of a Decade of Action ... Saving 5 milion lives

  9. The Goal of a Decade of Action ... Saving 5 million lives

  10. The Goal for a Decade of Action...Saving 5 Million Lives

  11. Implementing a Decade of Action • Institutional capacity building and better data • Safe road infrastructure – assessment and investment • Vehicle design and technology • Interim behavioural targets e.g. for helmets and seat belts coupled with improved enforcement • Post crash care

  12. ‘Towards Zero – Ambitious Road Safety • Targets & the Safe System Approach’ • 2008 Report by the OECD – International • Transport Forum with the following main • recommendations: • Adopt a highly ambitious vision for road safety • Set interim targets to move systematically towards the vision • Develop a safe system approach • Exploit proven interventions for early gains • Conduct data collection and analysis • Strengthen the road safety management system • Accelerate knowledge transfer • Invest in road safety • Foster commitment at highest levels of government

  13. UN Good Practice Manuals • The UN Road Safety Collaboration has • produced good practice manuals for the • key risk factors of: • Non use of helmets • Non use of seat belts • Drink and Driving • Excessive and inappropriate speed • Police enforcement of relevant legislative • standards combined with public awareness • campaigns have proved effective in reducing • road fatalities and injuries in low and middle • income countries. Successful examples include • helmet wearing in Vietnam and seat belt use in • Costa Rica.

  14. Safer Roads are a Key Priority Today, more than 1 billion people in the world have no access to roads. The World Bank and the Regional Development Banks invest over $4 billion per annum in road projects. But road investment increases exposure to the risk of road injuries unless a coherent action plan for improved road design is also put in place. The Make Road Safe Report’s 10% recommendation is based on World Bank internal guidelines (from 1979) suggesting that traffic safety funding should constitute 10 per cent of total road project costs, not to exceed US$ 10-12 million per project. If this was applied at least $400m would be available for road safety. A target for the road safety input of infrastructure projects must also be supported by more systematic rating and assessment of the safety performance of the road network as shown by iRAP’s ‘Vaccines for Roads’ report.

  15. Building Safer Roads is Cost Effective – Results of the iRAP pilots Comparing Risk of Road Infrastructure – Relative fatality risk/km/year 110100

  16. So why not a Decade of • Action for Road Safety? • Recommendations for the • Moscow Ministerial Conference: • Support an action plan of $300 million to invest in capacity building in road injury prevention and implement recommendations of the World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention. • Invest in safer roads by committing at least 10% of project finance to safe road assessment and design. • Support a Decade of Action for road safety with a global target to reduce road fatalities by 50% from their forecast level for 2020...which would save five million lives and avoid 50 million injuries.

  17. What Could We Achieve in a Decade of Action? • Demonstrate measurable success in stabilizing and • then reversing the growth in RTIs by pursuing the • goal of achieving a 50% reduction in the forecast • level of fatalities by 2020 • Encourage countries to implement the recommendations of the World Report on Road Traffic injury Prevention and set interim targets that will contribute to the overall fatality reduction goal • Raise professional capacity in road injury prevention in low and middle income countries • Ensure that road safety management and reducing injury levels becomes self-sustaining over the long term • Provide a common framework for action shared by countries, bilateral and multilateral donors, NGO’s, civil society etc.

  18. Proposed Decade Action Plan Five Pillars and Budget: Building Management Capacity Influencing Road Design Influencing Vehicle Safety Design Influencing Road User Behaviour Improving Post Crash Care • Interim Targets for UN Member States: • Creation of lead agency with clear responsibilities and funding • Adoption of national road infrastructure rating systems and 10% rule • Universal adherence to UN Traffic Conventions and main UN vehicle safety regulations (front/side impact, seat/child restraints, ESC etc) • National programmes against excessive/inappropriate speed, drink driving and in support of 100% helmet and seat belt use • Adherence to common data systems (30 day rule etc)

  19. Political leaders…

  20. Campaign Resources • • Websites, downloadables and policy information available in: • Spanish • French • German • Italian • Russian • Japanese • - Arabic (in progress)

  21. Join calling for a Decade of Action Thank You !