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Scott Bradley Hanover PowerPoint Presentation
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Scott Bradley Hanover

Scott Bradley Hanover

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Scott Bradley Hanover

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  1. Scott Bradley Hanover A Musician

  2. Scott Bradley Hanover is a musician • Scott Bradley Hanover is born and brought up in United States of America. He is a 25 year old energetic musician who has various interests and hobbies but he has a dedicated passion towards music. • He has been composing his own music from quite a long time and he also tries his hand at penning down original lyrics. • He has covered various artists at numerous stage performances. He is a vocalist, pianist as well as a guitarist.

  3. Scott Bradley Hanover - Stage Performances & Music Concerts • Scott Bradley Hanoverhas his own local band comprising four male members and one female member. Scott Bradley performs with his band at numerous stage performances and music concerts in schools and colleges. • Scott Bradley is the founder of the band and he named it ‘Checkmate’. He and his band work during the day time to earn their living and have their jamming sessions at night. • Scott Bradley Hanover has a small jamming room in his house where the entire team gathers up and has their practice sessions. He has sound proofed the jamming room so that his family members and the neighbors do not get disturbed in the wee hours of night.

  4. Scott Bradley Hanover - A Music Lover and Teacher • Scott Bradley Hanover is a diehard fan of Metallica, Green Day and Red Hot Chili Peppers. He has pasted the posters of these bands in his bedroom and jamming room. • He is a complete music freak. In his free time, he even gives music lessons online. His music lessons are appreciated by many people. • He enjoys playing both hard and soft rock. His original compositions are very pleasing and soothing. He aspires to compose music for Hollywood.

  5. Scott Bradley Hanover Is a Music Freak with Positive Outlook • At present, Scott Bradley Hanover is working dedicatedly on a couple of tracks which he will be releasing soon. He also has a small setup for recording songs in his house. He calls this setup his mini studio. • Scott Bradley Hanover believes in consistency in progress and strives a lot to reach his goals in life. He also keeps motivating his team members and supports them immensely. • He is a kind hearted person who understands the problems of his team members. He helps them in whatever way possible and act as a true friend.

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