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Water-Based Ink Techniques of Custom Screen Printing PowerPoint Presentation
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Water-Based Ink Techniques of Custom Screen Printing

Water-Based Ink Techniques of Custom Screen Printing

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Water-Based Ink Techniques of Custom Screen Printing

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  1. Custom Screen Printing Scrappy Apparel Company Phone : 877-397-7279 Website :

  2. Scrappy Apparel Company – An Insight Into The Firm Born in the year 2006, Scrappy Apparel Company is a master hand in screen printing tricks like water-based and discharge techniques. The firm focuses on transferring high-quality design ideas onto a range of apparel that include simple cotton garments and high-end organic fabrics, too. Scrappy Apparel Company also specializes in the art of embroidery to create stunning, durable designs at a flattering price range.

  3. What Makes Custom Screen Printing So Popular? Everybody is using the techniques of custom screen printing to create designs and patterns on a variety of fabrics. These methods are trending amongst youngsters because they can have their favorite apparel tailor-decorated in their own ways. They are popular amongst companies because they make logo pronunciation and brand promotion easy. And, they are preferred because of their flexibility, affordability, effectiveness, and bring about bold, beautiful designs.

  4. What Really Are The Steps Involved In Screen Printing? • Preparation of the art is the very first step. The quality of the art determines the quality of the color separations and of the entire screen printing process. • Separated colors are printed on a film. • A photo-sensitive emulsion is then applied. • Again, when the film dries, it is stored in dark rooms until it is ready to be 'burnt' using light under a lot of precision. • The film is then washed with water and dried. The inks are applied to this film and processed to achieve the desired design.

  5. What Type Of Ink Is Used For Custom T Shirt Printing? • Although custom t shirt printing is widely done using plastisols, these chemicals are not environment-friendly. • Scrappy Apparel Company presents to you methods where apparel decoration is done using water-soluble inks that are very, very eco-friendly. • These inks do not create designs that cannot merge with the original threads of the fabric. Instead, soft-hand patterns are created which feel like original manufacturer designs.

  6. Is Discharge Screen Printing Any Different From The Rest? • Water-based inks support bright designs only on light colored fabrics. But, what do we do for dark colored garments? • Well, there is a solution to this issue, too, and it's called discharge screen printing. The method is carried out using the same water-based ink with an added chemical bleach. • The bleach helps in pulling out the original dye of the fabric and replacing it with the ink pigments.

  7. What Is The Four-Color Process Of T-Shirt Printing? • This technique of t-shirt printing is used for transferring photo realistic images. • Different color tones and gradients are used to bring about beautiful images on apparel. • The process is very complex and most companies do not offer services for this. But, Scrappy Apparel Company is more than just a print shop. • The brand offers first-class services for four-color processes at affordable rates without compromising on the quality of patterns.

  8. Quality Of Screen Printing At Scrappy Apparel Company • Soft-hand, durable designs are always aimed for, at Scrappy Apparel Company. • High quality of screen printing is never traded-off for rough, short-lived designs. • And, of course, custom-decorating apparel with us will never, ever dent your wallet.

  9. CONTACT US : - Scrappy Apparel Company 8107 Lemont Road Unit 1500, Woodridge, IL,USA Postal Code:60517 Phone:-877-397-7279 Website :-

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