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IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process in Japan

IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process in Japan. February 23, 2009 APTLD Manila meeting Hiro Hotta, JPRS http:// 日本レジストリサービス .jp/ http:// 日本レジストリサービス . 日本 /. !?. Process. Scenario of territory preparation. Government set up a committee (Nov., 2008), consisting of private sector members, for

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IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process in Japan

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  1. IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process in Japan February 23, 2009 APTLD Manila meeting Hiro Hotta, JPRS http://日本レジストリサービス.jp/ http://日本レジストリサービス.日本/ !?

  2. Process

  3. Scenario of territory preparation • Government set up a committee (Nov., 2008), consisting of private sector members, for • decision on IDN ccTLD string • decision on requirements for the registry • decision on criteria and procedure for the registry selection • The committee will issue an RFP to select .日本 registry • requirements • system features • organization management structure • financial stability • registry policy management structure • service policy • etc. • The committee, government, or a trusted third party will selectthe registry by evaluating the proposals to the RFP

  4. Committee member • regular member • experts (such as professors) • technical • legal • social • associations • Keidanren (Business Federation ) • EC Network • JACAS (Japan Association of Consumer Affairs Specialists) • media • The Yomiuri Shimbun (newspaper company) • observer • JPNIC • JAIPA (Japan Internet Providers Association) • IAjapan (Internet Association Japan) • Telecom Services Association • JPRS (JP registry) • gTLD/JP registrar • Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center (JP-DRP provider) • secretariat • government

  5. Schedule • November 2009 committee launch • April 2009 draft advisory issued • April - May 2009 public comment period • June 2009 final advisory issued • June - August 2009 RFP -> selection • August 2009 government endorsement to ICANN

  6. Primary issues

  7. TLD string • .日本 (likely uncontroversial) • Kanji .日本 is popular and simple enough for the whole population • background • Japanese is practically the only language officially used in Japan (no official 'official language') • used in Constitution • used in laws • used in government statements inside Japan • Script • For Japanese writing, Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, and ASCII are used in combination • Country Name • UN list * has 日本国 as the name of Japan and 日本 as its short form (both are in Kanji script) * page188, Technical Reference manual for the standardization of geographical names http://unstats.un.org/unsd/geoinfo/ungegn%20tech%20ref%20manual_M87_combined.pdf • .日本 is usually used as the name of Japan in Japan

  8. Registry selection process • basic concept • fair and transparent • private sector initiative with necessary cooperation with government • selection method? • selection by third-party experts? • consensus among stakeholders? • governmental committee decides? • who prepares for the content of the RFP? • working group with experts from broad sectors ? • working group with experts from Internet-related organizations ? • the government ? • government will respect the result of the selection process

  9. Registry selection criteria • domestic organization? • registry other than .JP registry (JPRS) preferred? • organization with criminal records excluded? • operation capability • technical capability • organizational management stability • sound business plan • (financial) transparency / accountability • law compliance • responsiveness to registrars/customers • contribution to international community • contribution to local community • data escrow • DRP?

  10. Oversight of the registry operation • oversightstructure • more robust structure necessary for overseeing ccTLD registries? (including .JP?) • periodical evaluation • every few years?

  11. Registration policy considerations • considerations • relationship between .日本 and .JP • dependent / independent? • should such preference be specified in RFP as a prerequisite? • local presence of the registrants • only domestic registrants? • should such preference be specified in RFP as a prerequisite?

  12. .日本 is completely a new TLD XX.日本 can be registered by XX.JP registrant during sunrise period and then by anyone after the period .JP and .日本 are independent with some privileges for .JP registrants A person can register XX.日本 if no one or he registers XX.JP, and vice versa .JP and .日本 are independent but registrants are the same only registrant of XX.JP can set NS for XX.日本 otherwise XX.日本 is blocked .日本 is an additional service for .JP http://XX.JP and http://XX.日本 designates the same page Typical types of relationships .JP registry or anther entity independent loosely related .JP registry related full alias

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