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ART for Self Discovery & Healing PowerPoint Presentation
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ART for Self Discovery & Healing

ART for Self Discovery & Healing

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ART for Self Discovery & Healing

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  1. ART for Self Discovery & Healing Believe in the power of art, creativity and people.

  2. ‘ART for Self Discovery & Healing’ will give people a platform to express their feelings, thoughts and emotions through ART in the most exceptional and innovative way possible. The creative process of expressing one’s self artistically can help people develop and manage their behavior, reduce stress, resolve issues, develop interpersonal skills and improve self esteem and awareness.

  3. “ART can help people to let out their feelings, which they cant do in their daily lives in their own characters. this is a reason a lot of people take up acting, and then actually go on to be good at it..because they as a matter of fact aren’t acting, but portraying their other side and letting out their inner voice.” WHAT DO PEOPLE SAY? Abdul RehmanTalat Theatre, Actor, Director, MusicianPakistan “We all have an aesthetic side, the artist within us, that is sensitive to color, light, shape, form and pattern. Art goes well beyond the studio and workshop. Whether we are conscious of it or not, art is an indispensible part of our daily lives. FarasGhaniTeacher, JournalistLondon "Art gives them a nonverbal approach to communicate the difficulties that they’re struggling with, it improves students mental problem" HafsaInam, Artist Canada

  4. "Most of the times we are unable to communicate through the tongue what we actually think or what we intend to do. Your perception can best be transmitted through colors and art. Painting what you think is the most creative art. So paint for a change" BahawalUstoBusiness studentPakistan AmmarMursalin Manager Consumer Insights, Pakistan Art provides people with excellent medium to communicate beyond just words. Its an excellent approach to promote arts as a medium and allow people to express what they have an creatively put their thoughts across.

  5. Zia Mohiuddin is the  Chairman of the National Academy of Performing Arts in Karachi, Pakistan. NAPA is a leading national institution for arts and music. He is active among Pakistani media as a speaker and hosts several TV programs both for National and Private Channels.He has spent a lifetime dedicated to the theatre, films and television. Zia Mohiuddin Pakistan He will talk to us about the influence of arts on the learning, personality and life of people and how it can be used to bring a positive change in ourselves and our society. OUR INSPIRATION