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High Adrenaline Eye Protection

High Adrenaline Eye Protection. Tactical / military Product LINE overview. ESS TACTICAL / Military eyewear. ESS manufactures advanced goggle and eyeshield systems for tactical & military applications.

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High Adrenaline Eye Protection

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  1. High Adrenaline Eye Protection Tactical / military Product LINE overview

  2. ESS TACTICAL / Military eyewear • ESS manufactures advanced goggle and eyeshield systems for tactical & military applications. • ESS combines sports technologies with high performance materials and patented features to deliver the best combination of: • Comfort • Optical clarity • Impact resistance • Fog resistance • Component interchangeability

  3. tactical/MILITARY products Profile NVG Compact Special Forces Design ICE 2.4 Interchangeable Component Eyeshield Turbo C.A.M. 2-Speed Anti-fog Fan goggle Flight Deck Speed Clip, Navy Approved Tac Thermal / Thermal SC Fully-featured Benchmarks Vehicle Ops High Exposure Durability Tactical XT Best Value Land Ops For Highly Aerobic Duties

  4. Key Features Clear Zone Lenses Extra thick 2.4 – 2.8mm polycarbonate lenses that have anti-scratch and anti-fog Clear Zone coatings, 100% UV protection, and distortion-free optical clarity. Military goggles include clear and dark lenses.

  5. Key Features Highest Impact resistance All ESS lenses exceed standards of the US .22 caliber ballistic impact test MIL-V-43511C. They even can stop a shotgun blast from 30 feet.

  6. Key Features Frame dimensions Unobstructed field of view. Comfortable fit with all helmets.

  7. Key Features High quality vent filtration Fully-filtered perimeter ventilation keeps airborne particles away from the eyes. ESS vent filters allow moisture vapor to escape while repelling the passage of liquid splashes.

  8. Key Features Corrective lens options Most ESS eyewear is designed to fit over eyeglasses. Rx lens carriers are also available for all models.

  9. Key Features Laser lenses Laser protective lenses are available for all ESS goggles. These lenses are for sale to US Armed Forces customers.

  10. Key Features Tear-off Lens covers Tear-off lens covers are available for all ESS goggles, and included with some models.

  11. Key Features Custom lens prints Custom lens artwork is available for most models. Minimums apply.

  12. ESS Profile NVG special forces goggle Available Summer 2002 BREAKTHROUGH COMPACT FRAME DESIGN The only compact, night vision compatible goggle with no sacrifices in dust filtration, field of view, and anti-fog performance. Dark green and black frames available. Model #EP-01OD1-M Profile NVG • Low profile frame with fully-filtered vents • and unobstructed field of view. • 2.8mm clear & dark Clear Zone lenses. • Soft, conforming frame material to fit any • face type. • Laser lens and tear-off lens cover • accessories available.

  13. ESS tactical turbo c.a.m. THE ULTIMATE ANTI-FOG TECHNOLOGY The original tactical fan goggle. Made for extreme environments where lens fogging could compromise operator safety.

  14. ESS tactical thermal A FULLY-FEATURED BENCHMARK High impact thermal Clear Zone lenses, universal helmet compatibility, great fit and extras make this the new standard. Also available with Speed Clip quick-adjust strap.

  15. ESS Tactical XT THE MOST ECONOMICAL PERFORMANCE The best choice for departments and commands that want high quality goggles on a tight budget.

  16. ESS ICE 2.4 Interchangeable component eyeshield THE MOST COMPLETE SYSTEM Includes three 2.4mm high impact lenses in clear, amber, and dark for use in all light conditions. Rx insert available.

  17. ESS FLIGht deck CHOICE OF THE US NAVY A heavy-duty military goggle with all day comfort. Includes a quick-adjust strap system and two high-impact lenses.

  18. ESS Vehicle ops BUILT TO TAKE A BEATING Keeps vision clear in harsh environments, and outlasts other military goggles. Includes clear and dark high-impact lenses.

  19. ESS land ops MADE FOR THE ACTIVE FOOT SOLDIER OD Green with high ventilation and super-soft face padding. Includes clear and dark high-impact lenses.

  20. ESS military deployments • ESS is the fastest growing eyewear supplier to the worldwide Armed Forces marketplace. This includes several notable deployments : • US Navy (standard issue) • Israeli Navy (standard issue) and Army • New Zealand Army (standard issue) • USMC 22nd MEU • Australian Special Forces (2nd and 3rd RAR) • British Special Forces • Mexican Army • Cyprus Army • Hong Kong Marine Police Feedback has been unanimously positive: “These goggles have been given rave reviews. All reported increased vision and improved comfort. They are a huge improvement over the current goggles issued to flight deck personnel.” Captain, USS Constellation

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