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English/Language Arts - Keri Rooney Math - Tracy Osterhout Science - Alicia Simas PowerPoint Presentation
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English/Language Arts - Keri Rooney Math - Tracy Osterhout Science - Alicia Simas

English/Language Arts - Keri Rooney Math - Tracy Osterhout Science - Alicia Simas

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English/Language Arts - Keri Rooney Math - Tracy Osterhout Science - Alicia Simas

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  1. Patriots Team • English/Language Arts - Keri Rooney • Math - Tracy Osterhout • Science - Alicia Simas • Social Studies - Courtney Macropoulos • Resource - Emily Muzzy • Teaching Assistants- Connie Castro

  2. Patriot Team Expectations Contact- Please contact all team teachers using their Coventry Schools email address. Response to emails can take up to 24 hours. Also, Please join our TEAM listserv. Extended Absence/Vacation- Please contact Guidance for all necessary paperwork. Absences- All absent students will receive their missed work the following day. For extended absences, parents may contact the front office to request work. All work will be collected within 24 hours.

  3. Patriot Team Expectations Agenda- Please check agendas nightly for homework assignments and announcements. Please do not write messages in the agenda. Instead email the teacher needed. Team Website- Please visit the Patriot team website regularly for announcements and upcoming events. Teacher Websites- Please visit individual teacher websites for class protocol and upcoming assignments. Checking in- We encourage all parents to check in if they have any concerns. However, please realize that teachers will not be contacting home if a student is only missing 1 homework or 1 graded assignments.

  4. 6th Grade ELA Keri Rooney Topics Covered: Myths & Legends Poetry, Various forms of writing

  5. 6th Grade ELA Keri Rooney What to look for: Monthly reading logs collected last day every month Students should be reading at least 30 minutes nightly. Student work is kept in a portfolio in school and can be taken home by request Spelling homework 3x a week Tests every Friday. Additional information can be found on school website.

  6. 6thGrade Math Tracy Osterhout Topics Covered: • Fraction, Decimals, Percents, Geometry, Data/Statistics, Pre Algebra • POW’s • Calculators and “Math On Call” book • NUMERACY • RtI CONTACT INFORMATION:

  7. 6th Grade Science Alicia Simas Populations and Ecosystems Life Science Topics: Inquiry Targets: Formulating Questions and Hypothesis Planning and Critiquing Investigations Conducting Investigations Developing and Evaluating Explanations • Cells • Human Body Systems

  8. Grading in Science • Product • SC – Scientific Content (tests, quizzes, assessments) • SS – Scientific Skills (Inquiry targets) • Comm – Written and Oral Communication • Process • Prepared for class • Participation in class • Completes homework • Submits work on time • Works well with others • Progress • Individual gains/growth within the trimester

  9. 6th Grade Social Studies Courtney Macropoulos Topics: French and Indian War Causes of the American Revolution Revolutionary War Constitution Manifest Destiny Westward Movement The Civil War

  10. 6th Grade Social Studies Courtney Macropoulos Major items to look out for… • GRADE RECORD Sheet • Quizzes, tests, and major projects all announced 1-3 weeks prior and ALWAYS listed on my social studies webpage. • Historical Perspective/Interpretation • Grading- • Skills • Historical Analysis & Interpretation • Oral/Written Communication

  11. Resource TeacherMrs. Muzzy Roles and Responsibilities • Case manager for all students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) • Small group teacher for ELA and Math • Advisory/Homeroom Teacher • Monitor and modify activities for Science and Social Studies

  12. Patriot WEBSITE INFORMATION Check in here for weekly updates on upcoming events and upcoming assignments. Sign up for our TEAM list serve by emailing Mrs. Macropoulos at

  13. Students meet throughout the academic year with one teacher, in an environment with sufficient time and opportunity to support student achievement , career, personal and social domains. • Mornings 7:55 – 8:10 • Activities include: • Team Building Activities • Group and individual discussions • Student designed activities

  14. NECAP ASSESSMENT During the month of October, students will be taking the NECAP test. Students should get plenty of rest and have a healthy breakfast. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  15. Thank you for coming in. We look forward to an exciting year ahead! If you would like to donate to the Patriots team we are accepting the following: • Tissues • Pencils • Hand sanitizer