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MEDICAL Spring 2014

MEDICAL Spring 2014

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MEDICAL Spring 2014

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  1. MEDICALSpring 2014

  2. McGraw-Hill’s Radiology Review Series:Breast Imaging & MSK Imaging 9780071787031 (MSK) 9780071787192 (Breast) $54.95, SC, CP: 63 Pub Date: December Each has 200 cases with superb images as well as questions, answers, Cases are Separated by Level of Difficulty Each case presented on two pages High yield comments box which will be bulleted Target Audience: PT Students Related MHP: Usatine; Graber; Papadakis

  3. MusculoskeletalInterventions: Techniques for Therapeutic Exercice 9780071793698, $93.95, HC, CP: 65 Pub Date: February Target Audience: Physical Therapy Students taking MSK Related MHP: Dutton Orthopedic PT Includes an abundance of study-enhancing illustrations Clinical pearls and protocols The edition features a newer “Higher Ed” type style design

  4. Clinical Emergency Medicine, 1/e 9780071794602, $78.95, SC, CP: 65 Pub Date: January Target Audience: Medical Students, Emergency Medicine Residents Related MHP: Cline, Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Manual All Tintinalli titles, Stone, Current Diagnosis & Treatment: EM A clear, concise guide for those working in the Emergency Department for the first time Covers all of emergency medicine in just 500 pages! Chapters start with KEY POINTS

  5. Case Files: Critical Care 9780071768573, $42.95, SC, CP: 66 Pub Date: December Target Audience: M4s and PGY-1s Related MHP: Case Files Series NEW addition to the successful Case Files series ~40 cases introduce essential critical care medicine topics Written by critical care specialists

  6. Case Files: Anatomy & Biochemistry 9780071794862 $38.95, SC, CP: 66 Pub Date: May 9780071794886 $38.95, SC, CP: 66 Pub Date: May Target Audience: M1s and M2s Related MHP: Case Files series; Morton/Anatomy Big Picture 60 clinical cases with basic science discussions Includes definitions of key terms, complete case discussion, take-away pearls, and USMLE Q&A Great companion for coursework and USMLE Step 1 preparation

  7. Johns Hopkins Text of Cardiothoracic Surgery, 2/e 9780071663502, $296.95, HC, CP: 67 Pub Date: March Target Audience: Cardiothoracic Surgeons Related MHP: Cohn, Cardiac Surgery in the Adult, Sugarbaker, Adult Chest Surgery Covers BOTH cardiac and thoracic surgery—differentiating it from other texts Includes congenital heart surgery

  8. Resident Readiness: Emergency Medicine 9780071780391, $49.95, SC, CP: 68 Pub Date: March 9780071780438, $49.95, SC, CP: 68 Pub Date: March Target Audience: newly matched residents/M4 & PGY-1 Related MHP: Resident Readiness: Internal Medicine New series prepares students for what they need to know on Day 1 of residency Cases with complete discussions

  9. Current Diagnosis and Treatment Surgery, 14/e 9780071792110, $98.95, SC, CP: 69 Pub Date: May Target Audience: Medical students, PAs, Surgery residents Related MHP: Brunicardi, Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery BEST-SELLING surgery book for McGraw-Hill An introductory textbook, great for clerks (medical students), Surgery PAs, and first-year residents

  10. Operative Pediatric Surgery, 2/e 9780071627238, $373.95, HC, CP: 69 Pub Date: March Target Audience: Pediatric surgeons, General Surgeons Related MHP: Brunicardi, Schwartz’ Principles of Surgery Comprehensive, detailed coverage of all surgical procedures in children, who are “not just small adults” Incredibly well illustrated, setting this ahead of other available texts

  11. Manual of Healthcare Leadership 9780071794848, $87.95, SC, CP: 71 Pub Date: January Target Audience: Physicians and health administrators, all specialties; bulk sales to health organizations Related MHP: Mosser/Understanding Teamwork in Healthcare New first edition provides a concise, readable summary of key leadership issues for physicians and health managers Covers staffing, HR, motivation, presentations, business strategy, and more

  12. Physiology Flash Cards 9780071767507, $43.95, FC, CP: 71 Pub Date: July 300 High Yield Flash cards provide a concise presentation of the most important physiologic mechanisms behind common disease presentations. Designed to help students review for course and Board exams. TargetAudience : Medical students studying for the boards and course exams. In addition many allied health students, such as PT and NP will find these high yield cards helpful. Related MHP: Baron Pharmacology Flashcards

  13. Pharmacotherapy 9/e 9780071800532, $230.95, HC, CP: 72 Pub Date: February Target Audience: Pharmacy Students taking pharmacotherapy in year 1 Related MHP: Pharmacotherapy, Chisholm Most comprehensive Pharmacotherapy text 4 colour art Revised chapters to decrease size of book – 155 chapters (8/e), 122 chapters (9/e) 200 pages shorter – authors reduced content by 10%

  14. Egler, Basic Math for Allied-Health 9780071829076, $71.95, SC, CP: 73 Pub Date: May Target Audience: non traditional student returning to an allied health program Provides the foundations of math with basic understanding and review of addition, subtraction and division and then eases the reader into fractions, decimals, roman numerals, etc. Examples will include more than one health professional—pharm tech, nurse assisting, phlebotomy, LPN nursing etc…

  15. Current Dx and Tx in Family Medicine 4e ISBN: 9780071827454, $86.95,CP: 73 September 2014 Related MHP: Usatine; Graber; Papadakis Target Audience: Family practice; NP and PA; FP residents Covers all the age groups and disorders commonly seen by family physicians and primary care NPs and PAs. Completely revised to reflect expanded and updated content in cardiology, pediatrics, cancer, and more Oriented towards primary care issues

  16. Current Diagnosis and Treatment Pediatrics, 22e ISBN: 9780071827348, $89.95,CP: 73 April 2014 Related MHP: 21e, 20e, etc. Target Audience: Pediatricians, Pediatrics Residents, NPs, Pas, Family Practice Physicians, Med Students Revised every 2 years – more frequently than competitors Current, concise, practical for everyday use Flashcards now available!

  17. Williams Obstetrics, 24th Edition ISBN: 9780071798938, $208.95, CP: 74 May 2014 Related MHP: Previous editions, Williams Gynecology, related Study Guides, Manual of Pregnancy Complications Target Audience: ObGyns, ObGyn Residents, Hospitalists, PAs, NPs The #1 Obstetrics book in the world Completely reorganized to better mirror current and emerging practice New review of obstetrical complications recognizes “laborists” and the role of the ob hospitalist

  18. Pediatric Practice: Endocrinology, 2e ISBN: 9780071813174, $104.95, CP: 75 May 2014 Related MHP: Previous edition, Sarafoglou: Pediatric Endocrinology and Inborn Errors of Metabolism Target Audience: Pediatricians, Pediatrics Residents, Peds Endo Fellows, NPs, PAs Peds Practice format – full-color, high figure/table count, “When to Refer” boxes, diagnosis and treatment algorithms Focuses on care strategies for practical clinical use Gives power to the pediatrician to minimize needless referrals and effect earlier intervention

  19. The Color Atlas of Pediatrics ISBN: 9780071767019, $108.95, CP: 76 May 2014 Related MHP: Usatine: The Color Atlas of Family Medicine; The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine Target Audience: Pediatricians, Pediatrics Residents, PAs, NPs Templated full-color design modeled after The Color Atlas of Family Medicine for improved readability and practical use Thousands of original clinical photos Includes management care strategies

  20. Anatomy Coloring Book for Health Professions Related MHP: Morton Big Picture Anatomy Target Audience: Medical Students, Nursing Students, Health Professionals (PT/PA) A/P Undergrad Courses, Osteo Students, Chiro Students ISBN: 9780071714006, $32.95, CP: 77 April 2014 Students are asked to identify anatomical features by looking at the key at the bottom of the page and matching the term to the actual location on the human body. Then the student is asked to color in that structure. .An overview of each illustration including major features, key points, and coloring guidelines; text is on the inside of the page and art is on the outside of the page to make coloring easier

  21. Pathology—A Modern Case Study Approach ISBN: 9780071621564, $98.95, CP: 77 September 2014 Non encyclopedic approach to pathology – Supports the new case based synoptic approach Molecular Pathology (Forensics) which is a new hot topic is covered Common, clinically relevant diseases will be emphasized and when Related MHP: Katzung Pharmacology TargetAudience : Medical Students taking pathology

  22. CCS: Correlations and Clinical Scenarios ISBN: 9780071818919, $42.95, CP: 78 June 2014 ISBN: 9780071828550, $42.95, CP: 78 July 2014 ISBN: 9780071818896, $42.95, CP: 78July 2014 Related MHP: First Aid for the USMLE Step 3 Target Audience: residents preparing for USMLE Step 3 ISBN: 9780071818896, $42.95, CP: 78 July 2014 Progressive Clinical Cases with Meaningful foundational science correlations prepare residents for rounds and the new USMLE Step 3 New series gives residents the exposure they need to improve patient care and ace the new USMLE step 3 examination

  23. Adams and Victor’s Principles of Neurology10th edition ISBN: 9780071794794, $214.95, CP: 79 May 2014 Related MHP: Greenberg, Clinical Neurology Target Audience: Neurologists, Internal Medicine Known as the most detailed and thorough of all the texts, while still written from the general neurology point of view For this edition, Marty Samuels, the biggest name in neurology is still on board and a new author, Josh Klein is preparing a DVD with real patient videos The ONLY text of it’s size written by just three people!


  25. Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, 10E ISBN: 9780071801843, $318.95, CP: 80 August 2014 Related MHP: Tintanalli Emergency Medicine Target Audience: Emergency Room, students in pharmacology, forensic and toxicology laboratories The source you can turn to for ANY poisoning or overdose. This text provides a clear description of information on every aspect of toxicologic emergencies, from pharmacology to clinical presentation to management. Authors are THE expertsin the field

  26. Egler, Pharmacy Technician Math ISBN: 9780071829687, $64.95, CP: 81 May 2014 Target Audience: Pharm Tech Students studying for the PTCB Pharm tech is the fastest growing Allied Health market This book is organized rom simple to complex and walks the student through the necessary information to pass the math portion of the PTCB Exam Includes cases plus a pretest and a comprehensive posttest.

  27. Practical Genetics for the ObGyn ISBN: 9780071797214, $98.95, CP: 81 June 2014 Related MHP: Bianchi: Fetology Target Audience: ObGyns, ObGyn Residents and Fellows Geared to the generalist for improved understanding and clinical application of genetics in practice Board exam giving more emphasis to genetics requirement Roadmap through genetic testing so the right tests are ordered for the right patients

  28. Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology ISBN: 9780071818117, $60.95, CP: 82 May 2014 Related MHP: Katzung Pharmacology Target Audience: Medical Students taking microbiology 654 USMLE-style practice questions test students knowledge and understanding 50 clinical cases illustrate the importance of basic science information in clinical diagnosis A complete USMLE-style practice exam consisting of 80 questions

  29. Patient Assessment in Pharmacy ISBN: 9780071751940, $69.95, CP: 82 October 2014 Related MHP: DiPiro Pharmacotherapy Target Audience: Pharmacy Students taking assessment How to interpret findings, collect information, and diagnose conditions in the pharmacy setting A text on clinical pharmacy, guiding the reader to diagnose and treat minor illnesses 4 color book with the pathophysiology integrated.

  30. Clinician’s Pocket Drug Reference 2014 ISBN: 9780071824965, $16.95, CP: 82 January 2014 Related MHP: 0071791779 (2013 ed.) Target Audience: Medical students, residents, PAs, NPs Coverage of ~1200 commonly used drugs Portable, true pocket sized book Organized alphabetically by generic drug name

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