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The Only Complete Data Protection Platform Presented By: (Insert Name) PowerPoint Presentation
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The Only Complete Data Protection Platform Presented By: (Insert Name)

The Only Complete Data Protection Platform Presented By: (Insert Name)

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The Only Complete Data Protection Platform Presented By: (Insert Name)

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  1. The Only Complete Data Protection PlatformPresented By: (Insert Name)

  2. Infrascale by the Numbers Introduction to your host: (Insert Name) LinkedIn URL Add Photo

  3. Agenda • Infrascale Overview: Our platform, technology and solutions • What Infrascale technology can do for you • Security and encryption • Many solutions in one: Infrascale products • Controlling your accounts with the Dashboard • Partnership opportunities

  4. Infrascale OverviewOur platform, technology and solutions

  5. Infrascale Overview: About Us Overview By The Numbers • Infrascale provides the mostcomprehensivecloud data protection platform. • Our platform delivers server backup, endpoint backup, data archive, file sharing, and disaster recovery with military-grade security. • Data protection spans smartphones, tablets, Macs, PCs, file servers, email servers, application servers and database servers. • Broadest product line available anywhere, all managed from a single interface. • Founded in 2006, Infrascale is a venture backed cloud company headquartered in El Segundo, California. • Infrascale’s platform powers over 1,000 independent cloud service companies and MSP’s and has protected billions of files. Company founded in Australia

  6. Infrascale Overview: The Platform ComprehensiveData Protection Platform

  7. Infrascale Overview: Flexible Hosting Hosting & Deployment: Our Cloud | Your Cloud | Any Cloud Infrascale delivers flexible control and deployment options that can span any mix of the global Infrascale cloud, enterprise private clouds, and third-party clouds • Your Cloud: On premise private cloud hosting • Our Cloud: Infrascale cloud of 12 global data centers • Any Cloud: Hybrid or 3rd party such as AWS or Azure

  8. Infrascale Overview: Dashboard Your Centralized Management Dashboard: Maintenance | Monitoring | Reporting The Infrascale Dashboard dramatically simplifies management for large numbers of downstream customers. • The tool to manage your entire business, providing: • Account usage • Activity alerts • Reporting & monitoring • Rebranding tools • Policy settings • Dashboard is available via the web and iOS/Android mobile devices for anytime, anywhere management

  9. Infrascale Security & PrivacyEncryption & Data Centers

  10. Feature Highlight: Double-blind Encryption

  11. Feature Highlight: Data Center Security Infrascale data centers 15 global points of presence on 5 continents, including 12 data centers Infrascale backs up data to U.S. military-grade data centers in London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Louisville, Johannesburg and Melbourne All data centers are secured with 24/7 watch, video surveillance, biometric credential requirements, backup generators, temperature and humidity controls

  12. Infrascale TechnologyThe Complete Data Protection Platform

  13. Technology: Comprehensive Data Protection Infrascale services are built for complete data protection including: Server Backup| Endpoint Backup| Data Archive| File Sharing| Disaster Recovery • Server backup and recovery for file-servers, email servers & database servers • Bare Metal backups with low RTO and RPO • Exchange Granular Recovery • High volume cloud storage with robust retention and replication • Long-term data archive • Complete disaster recovery • Endpoint backup and recovery including geolocate and remote wipe • Cloud file sharing and collaboration

  14. Technology: Largest array of endpoints protected Infrascale data protection technology works across a variety of endpoints including: Physical & virtual servers| Desktop & laptop workstations| Mobile devices, tablets & smartphones • Servers • Windows • OS X • Linux/Unix • VMWare • Netware • Applications • SQL • Exchange • SharePoint • Desktop & laptop workstations • PCs • Macs • Mobile devices • iOS • Android • Windows phone

  15. Technology: File Sharing Capabilities Secure File Sharing, Sync, and Collaboration Desktop Sync & Share | Collaboration | SharePoint Integration | Security | Centralized Management File and Folder Sync

  16. Cloud-Integrated Data Protection Appliance • VMWare Backup, Linux, Unix, Windows • Cloud-connected and includes cloud storage • On-prem de-duplication & Hierarchical storage for backup • Deployable as physical and/or virtual appliance • Simple and complex replication schemes • Central dashboard to manage both appliance and cloud • Common usage metering

  17. Technology Highlight: Data Protection Appliance Data Backup & Complete Recovery Cloud-connected appliance| Data protection | On premise device | Physical rack-mount or virtual | Disaster Recovery • Manage and automate backups • Virtualization • De-duplication • Replication • Recovery Enterprise-class physical appliances at prices small and medium business can afford • Regulatory Compliance • Archiving • Business Continuity • Disaster Recovery

  18. Technology Highlight: Data Protection Capabilities Data Backup & Complete Recovery Cloud-connected appliance| Data protection | On premise device | Physical rack-mount or virtual | Disaster Recovery • Full replication of your data with version history that lets you roll back to whatever date you choose • Automatic active-passive replication • Automatic active-active replication • Appliances can be physically distant, providing for disaster recovery in case of disaster at one site • Replication from physical appliance to cloud-based appliance Rock solid backup technology that covers all of your computing platforms

  19. Infrascale PartnershipYour Secure Cloud Storage Solution

  20. Summary Infrascale offers: • Data Protection & SecurityProtects your customers from the risks associated with the potential loss or damage of corporate data. • Simplified ManagementIntegrates server backup, endpoint backup, data archive, file sharing, and disaster recovery capabilities in a centrally managed application. • Unrivaled CoveragePlatform with industry-leading breadth of device coverage and depth of OS support means that customers know their data is stored safely.

  21. Partnership Infrascale Platform: Your Complete Data Protection Solution Infrascale delivers powerful technology solutions that disrupt the current cloud data management ecosystem.

  22. Customers Love Infrascale Our customers love Infrascale, and you will, too: “Infrascale gives me great peace of mind knowing that all my work and personal computers are being regularly backed up. It also gives me a way to access important files when I’m out of the office.” - Infrascale Customer, Reid Tenkley, Spotlight Financial

  23. Call Today: Free Trial Thank you for joining us! Start with a complimentary trial! Contact your Partner Specialist at: United States: +1 877 896 3611 United Kingdom: +44 800 160 1454 Australia: +61 (02) 8973 7479 South Africa: +27 10 500 8043 Or visit to get started today!