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Follows conventions PowerPoint Presentation
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Follows conventions

Follows conventions

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Follows conventions

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  1. Masthead Follows conventions Dominating images of student. He is holding books whilst smiling which indicates that he enjoys studying. He is black which shows diversity. Sub-headings that inform the reader of the contents Black and green colour scheme shows a modern look, his clothing also appears modern. Issue Details

  2. Issue Details Subverts Conventions Because you would not expect the dominating image to be a group of students at a party • Masthead • NU is a double meaning. • NU stands for Northumbria students union • NU Life as in “New Life” which is commonly suggested when somebody goes to Uni. Sub-headings to inform reader of contents Dominating image of a DJ at a large party. This appears to be used to show that University is like a party. Colour scheme is mostly purple. This could be because purple is a colour that is often affiliated with party's

  3. Challenges Conventions Because it’s hard to tell that it’s a student magazine aside from the Sub-Heading. Masthead The Sub-heading is the only way to tell that the magazine is about University There is a lot going on in the background that doesn't appear to have anything to do with students Dominating Image Issue details

  4. Subverts Conventions Because it has a lack of subheadings Masthead Issue details Sell lines Dominating image of student

  5. Follows Conventions Masthead Sell Lines Issue Details Dominating images of smiling student with a book The cover follows conventions and has all the codes you would expect to see.