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Inventory Database Participation for SECOORA Members

Inventory Database Participation for SECOORA Members. Jesse A. Cleary UNC Chapel Hill. Overview. Metadata SECOORA Objectives Station and Variable Inventory Sensor Metadata. Metadata.

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Inventory Database Participation for SECOORA Members

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  1. Inventory Database Participation for SECOORA Members Jesse A. Cleary UNC Chapel Hill

  2. Overview • Metadata • SECOORA Objectives • Station and Variable Inventory • Sensor Metadata

  3. Metadata “…it cannot be stressed enough that the data provider will have to provide high-quality metadata in order for IOOS to succeed.” - IOOS DMAC • IOOS is still developing metadata recommendations for data aggregation scenarios.

  4. Metadata Observation = 20.1 sensor_manufacturer= "YSI"; sensor_model= "44034"; sensor_serial_num= "21007"; sensor_units = "degrees C"; sensor_accuracy= ".01"; sensor_resolution= ".001"; sensor_range= "-50.,50.";

  5. Metadata • Metadata lessons via SEACOOS efforts in • Data Aggregation • QA/QC • System Monitoring • Equipment Inventory • Applied to meet SECOORA Inventory and Metadata objectives

  6. SECOORA Objectives • Assess regional observational capability based on sensor density, measurement quality, and variable resolution • Monitor system-wide data delivery performance, enabling operational status maps • Incorporate QA/QC and sensor information as observation metadata

  7. SECOORA Objectives Addressed in two concurrent efforts: 1. Station & Variable Inventory Priority item from September SECOORA meeting 2. Sensor Metadata process Suggested process to get discussion underway

  8. Station + Variable Inventory • Organize previous data collection /mapping effort

  9. Station + Variable Inventory • Create a single dataset for distribution • Add an Inventory of variables measured • Subset large terrestrial observing arrays to stations of IOOS interest • Beta version completed in May ~546 regional observing stations inventoried • Online Map + Data Download: http://secoora.org/maps

  10. Station + Variable Inventory

  11. Station + Variable Inventory

  12. Station + Variable Inventory

  13. Station + Variable Inventory • Initially a static baseline effort – utility? • Leverage IOOS Registry entries • Data Center: • Data connection to IOOS Registry dataset (underway) • Add basic query options (underway) • Coordinate regional response to IOOS registry • Data Providers: • Fact check dataset (jcleary@email.unc.edu) • Publish records to IOOS Registry

  14. Station + Variable Inventory • Doesn’t meet Metadata or Monitoring objectives – not connected to aggregated Observations… • Include Sensor Metadata with observations at the Data Provider level • Knowledge about sensor specs, calibration, and deployment • Performing most QA/QC processing

  15. Sensor Metadata process • A dynamic observations database containing sensor metadata from QA/QC reporting accessed via query, monitor, and web mapping applications. • Balance local needs & regional objectives • Suggested Process thus far assumes: • Leverage data from QA/QC reporting • Standards compliant data flow (SEACOOS CDL v 3)

  16. Sensor Metadata

  17. Sensor Metadata: Data Center • Update observations database schema to store sensor metadata (underway) • Automate intake capability (underway): • Parse both observations and metadata into an aggregated database

  18. Sensor Metadata: Data Providers • Tools, best practices, workshops: 1. Manage sensor metadata and QA/QC processing at data provider level • Sensor inventory + deployment records 2. Include QA/QC and sensor metadata in data flowing to the Data Center

  19. Station Inventory + Sensor Metadata • Easily and accurately map/assess regional observational capability • Accurately monitor system data flow performance • Query and serve Observations with Sensor and QA/QC processing metadata included

  20. Station and Variable Inventory http://secoora.org/maps Corrections and Additions Jesse Cleary (jcleary@email.unc.edu)

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