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9B Fit and Healthy PowerPoint Presentation
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9B Fit and Healthy

9B Fit and Healthy

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9B Fit and Healthy

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  1. 9B Fit and Healthy

  2. Fitness • Am I fit? Why? • Whichbodysystems are affectedbyfitness? • What are thefourfeatures of fitness?

  3. Fitnesstests

  4. Therespiratorysystem • Nametheparts of therespiratorysystem • Wheredoes gas exchangehappen? • WHathappenswhenwebreathe in? • Out?

  5. Blue sticks •

  6. Smoking • Namesomesubstancesfound in cigarettes • Whatisthename of theaddictivesubstance? • Namesomeeffects of smoking onyourbody • Namesomemethodsto stop smoking.

  7. UK Smoking adverts • The Bryan Curtis Story Smoking kids

  8. Why would you want to smoke? • Relieves stress FACT: There is no chemical present in cigarette smoke that significantly reduces stress • Addiction A subject or object over which an individual has lost choice or control

  9. Who wants you to smoke? “…the cigarette for the beginner is a symbolic act, it says ‘I am no longer my mother’s child. I am tough, I am an adventurer, I am not a square’… as the force from the psychological symbolism subsides, the pharmacological effect takes over to sustain the habit.” Philip Morris (Tobacco manufacturer) 1978

  10. What Is In A Cigarette? Filter Paper Tobacco

  11. The Real Contents…

  12. Why Is Smoking Harmful?

  13. Lungs The tar in cigarette smoke damages cells in the airways of your lungs. Eventually this damage can produce cells that grow uncontrollably - leading to cancer of the lung or voice box (larynx).

  14. 1 Pack A Day for 20 Years

  15. Heart From the moment smoke reaches your lungs, your heart is forced to work harder. Your pulse quickens, forcing your heart to beat an extra 10 to 25 times per minute, as many as 36,000 additional times per day.Because of the irritating effect of nicotine and other components of tobacco smoke, your heartbeat is more likely to be irregular. This can contribute to cardiac arrhythmia, and many other serious coronary conditions, such as heart attack. A recent Surgeon General’s report estimated that about 170,000 heart attacks each year are caused by smoking.

  16. Blood Vessels Smoking increases your risk of vascular disease of the extremities. Severe cases may require amputation. This condition can produce pain and can increase your risk of blood clots in the lungs.

  17. Skin Smoking constricts the blood vessels in your skin, decreasing the delivery of life-giving oxygen to this vital organ. As the result of this decrease in blood flow, a smoker’s skin becomes more susceptible to wrinkling.

  18. How To Stop NHS Stop Smoking support groups Nicotine Gum Nicotine Patches Inhalators Nasal Spray Hypnosis

  19. Number of deaths in the UK from different unnatural causes each year Mortality stats 2002, Office for National statistics, Annual Report, Statistics and Research agency, 2002

  20. The Other Cost of Smoking…to you

  21. Produce a graphto show the data either of thetwopreviousslides.

  22. 2 cigarettes a day for nine months OR • 10 cigarettes a day for less than 2 months £140

  23. 2 cigarettes a day for two years £328

  24. 5 cigarettes a day for 1 year OR • 10 cigarettes a day for under 2 months £410

  25. 20 cigarettes a day for 3 years £8,212

  26. 20 cigarettes a day for 5 years £32,850

  27. 20 cigarettes a day for 10 years £65,700 OR

  28. The Cost of Smoking…to the World “Over 200,000 hectares of forest are cut down and burnt every year to ‘cure’ the tobacco. That’s 2 million square km a year. Tobacco production also poisons soil that could be used for food crops in developing countries” Source:

  29. Diet • Which are the 7 components of a healthydiet? Name a food/drinkwith a highproportion of eachone. • Whathappensifyou do noteatenough of onenutrient?

  30. Researchthedeficiencydiseases in thetable

  31. Obesity • Whatisobesity? • Namesome causes of obesity. • Namesomehealthproblemscausedbyobesity. • How can obesitybereducedorprevented?

  32. Answerthelearningobjectivequestions as youwatchthe videos • •

  33. One of theproblems of obesityishighbloodpressure • Measureyourbloodpressure and putitonthegraph

  34. Drugs • Whatis a drug? • Whatisthedifferencebetween a recreationaldrug and medecine?

  35. What do you know about Cannabis? What are some of the different names for Cannabis? What are some of the effects of Cannabis?

  36. Names Weed Ganja Pot Resin Skunk Grass Dope Smoke Puff Marijuana

  37. The Effects • Some feel chilled out, relaxed and happy, while others feel sick. Others get the giggles and may become talkative.  • Feel hungry, called 'getting the munchies'. • May be more aware of their senses or get a feeling of slowing of time, which are due to its hallucinogenic effects.

  38. The situation in Spain “It is illegal in Spain to traffic cannabis or to smoke it in public places. It is legal in Spain to cultivate or smoke cannabis for your own personal use (as long as it is in the privacy of your own home).” Source:

  39. Cannabis is illegal in the UK It was downgraded from a Class B to a Class C drug in January 2004. Cannabis is still illegal. The maximum sentence for possession is the same as other Class C drugs, but the maximum prison sentence for supplying it remains at 14 years - the same as other Class B drugs.

  40. Why is cannabis illegal in the UK? Cannabis smoke contains chemicals which may cause mental illness in some people. There are 400 chemicals in marijuana smoke. 60 of these have been proven to cause cancer. These chemicals can stay in the body for months or even years. Also, marijuana contains THC, a “neurotoxin” (a poison that damages nerves.) Cannabis intoxicates the mind and blurs your judgement compared to cigarettes.

  41. The rest of the world “Recreational marijuana use has long been the subject of heated debate. In some countries smoking weed can come at a heavy price, ranging from execution (United Arab Emirates) to a few years in prison (Japan). Other countries, for instance Canada, see less harm in an occasional joint and allow their citizens to possess small amounts of cannabis” Source:

  42. VIDEO

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  44. Should cannabis be legal? • Sort your card sorts into two piles: • Reasons why cannabis should remain illegal • Reasons why cannabis should be legalised.

  45. Letsthinkaboutdifferentethicalapproachespeoplemayhave.Why are theyfororagainstit?Whatinfomation do they use tomaketheirdecision?

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