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  2. Overview of The UWI UWI Regional Headquarters (offices of Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellors (PVCs), Registrar, Bursar) Mona Campus (Jamaica) St. Augustine Campus (Trinidad) (~16,000 Students) (~18,000 Students) Cavehill Campus (Barbados) Open Campus (Virtual -16 countries) Over 50,000 Students

  3. Mona Campus Academic Structure Normal programmes 5 Faculties Professional programmes Principal Prof Archibald McDonald FST Prof Paul Reese FOL Dr Derrick McKoy FSS Prof Evan Duggan FMS Prof Horace Fletcher Engineering FHE Dr Swithin Wilmot (Basic Med Sciences)

  4. Faculty of Science and Technology (effective August 1, 2014 - Faculty of Science and Technology) Geography & Geology(Prof. S. Mitchell) Life Sciences(Biology) (Prof. P. Tennant) Computing(Dr. E. Mugisa) Mathematics (Dr. C. Kelly) Chemistry (Dr R. Porter) Physics (Prof. M. Taylor) Dean of Faculty Prof. Paul Reese BioChemistry(Dr A. Pearson Dept Basic medical Sciences - FMS) School of Engineering (Dr. P. Aiken) Associate Deans Dr E.Hyslop – Undergrad Student Matters Dr. Marcia Roye – Grad Student Matters Dr. W. Gallimore - Outreach and Development Deputy Deans Prof. Michael Taylor, FST Dr Paul Aiken, Engineering

  5. Some Terminologies • Faculty: Consist of many Departments • Dean: Head of a Faculty • Department: Pertains to one subject area and has many majors • Major – A large combination of courses within a department • Minor – A small combination of courses within a department • Credits – Points awarded to each course (usually 2, 3, 4 or 6) • Course – Consist of lectures, laboratories and tutorials • Semester - Consist of 13 weeks • Lecturer – Academic staff that teaches a course • GPA – Grade Point Average (A+/A/A-=4.3/4/3.7; B+/B/B-=3.3/3/2.7;C+/C=2.3/2) • Degree Honours: • 1st Class (GPA 3.60 – 4.3); Upper 2nd Class (GPA 3.00 – 3.59); Lower 2nd Class (GPA 2.50 – 2.99); Pass (GPA 2.00 - 2.49)

  6. Sources of Information • University / Faculty website http://myspot.mona.uwi.edu/fpas/ • Guidelines for registration- new students • FST Handbook “Yellow book” • Departmental information- Brochures • NOTICE BOARDS

  7. General Sources • Academic Advisors • Undergraduate Coordinators • Staff-Student Liaison Committee • Faculty Office • Health Centre- Counselling Unit • Office of Student Financing • Student Administrative Services • Placement and Career Services • Office of Student Services & Development: Lodgings, sports, etc. • Other- Registry: Students Records and Admissions, Student Exchange Office, Examinations Section

  8. Departmental Resource Persons • Heads of Department • Academic Advisor/ Lecturers • Undergraduate Coordinators: • Biology (Life Sci.) Dr. Garraway & Prof. Tennant • Chemistry Dr. Coley • Computer Sci. Dr. Coore • Engineering Dr. Aiken • Geog/Geol. Dr. Stemann • Mathematics Dr. McDaniel • Physics Dr. Stephenson • Biochemistry Dr. Golden

  9. Degree Programme- BSc. Each Department has many Majors Must have at least one major in the FST In-Faculty Majors, Minors: • Single major (3o or more credits depending on subject) • B.Sc. Degree (60+ credits; usually most courses are specified) • Minor usually 15 credits in a subject area • Major with one minor / Major with two minors

  10. BSc Programmes & Out-of-Faculty courses • B. Sc. with other Faculties: Actuarial Sciences; Chemistry & Management; Computer Studies Option; Science, Media & Communication; ----with Education • B, Sc. within the FS&T: Microbiology; Materials Science; Environ. Biology; Special Chemistry; Engineering; Tropical Horticulture; Information Technology. • Out-of-Faculty majors and minors: Handbook /Website for respective Faculty. • Out-of-Faculty courses: 3 credits History, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, French, Sociology, Gender Studies.

  11. How many Credits can I do? CSEC (CXC) passes – Min 24 Preliminary credits (lower level matriculation- 4 year degree) One CAPE or A'Level pass –Normally 12 Level One credits + 12 Preliminary credits Two or more CAPE or A/Level passes – Normally 24 but up to 36 Level 1 credits OR 12 Preliminary + 24 Level 1 credits Repeating a course which you have already passed.

  12. Number of credits? • F/T: 15 credits per semester at least +1 FOUN course / year = 33 credits • P/T: Up to 12 credits / semester + 1 FOUN / year = 27 credits Students on Scholarships or living on Halls may be required to register for Full Time (F/T)

  13. Course Registration GENERAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: 5 CSECs: Maths, English, Any 2 Sciences + any other Any 2 CAPE Sciences (including Mathematics) Matriculation into Introductory (3-year) or Preliminary (4 year) programme depends on your CAPE Units 1 and 2 Passes. Each Department will state their requirements YOU WILL BE ADVISED DURING REGISTRATION IN AUGUST

  14. FOUNDATION COURSES (3 credits each) FOUN1019 and FOUN1014 (1st year semester 2) Both courses relate to proficiency in English language If you have a Grade I pass in CSEC English Lang. or have you passed the English Proficiency Test? Yes - register for FOUN1014 (Sem. 2) No - do FOUN1019

  15. Replacing FOUN 1101 or 1301 • Regulations now permit students to replace either one or both of these courses with a pass in a modern language at the student’s level of proficiency • Languages which can be used are : Chinese, French Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole • Note that you cannot replace FOUN 1014 or FOUN 1019 with another language course

  16. Number of Credits • How many credits do I need to graduate? • For incoming students • Level 1 24 (min) • Level 2/3 60 (min) – Advanced Credits • FOUN Courses 9 • TOTAL = 93 • Students may register for more credits than this, but this would be the minimum. In addition the student would have to satisfy the requirements for at least one major in the Faculty Total number of credits must be ≥93

  17. Grade Point Average (GPA) • This is a summary of the number of credits that you pass in a particular semester and the grades obtained • This can vary from 0 to 4.3 • You have a semester GPA for each semester • Your degree is based on your degree GPA which is the sum of the GPA’S of all level 2 and 3 courses that you do • If you fail courses this lowers your GPA

  18. Requirements to Pass Effective Academic Year 2014 – 15 UWI Pass Mark is now 50% Most courses will require that you pass each component - labs, field work, exams, tutorials - Each section must be selected during registration

  19. Caution, Warning & Withdrawal! • Students will be Required To Withdraw (RTW) from the Faculty if: • in any two successive semesters they fail to gain sufficient passes in Faculty courses: • Semester GPA of <2.00– Warning letter (on file) • Semester GPA score of <2.00in successive semesters- Letter of Withdrawal. STUDY SKILLS WORKSHOPS Regulation 7c- Cannot graduate with Programme GPA< 2

  20. REGISTRATION PROCESS Must have an ID number + password (DOB) Format- YYYYMMDD To ADD COURSES- Select courses by first selecting the CORRECT SEMESTER then find the CRN number matching each course.

  21. Online Registration process SAS

  22. User Login

  23. Online Guidelines will be provided. Assistance will be available in Aug.

  24. Registration and Advisement • Registration and Advisement of all new Students will be held during the last Week in August on Mon 25th (A – M) and Tues 26th(N – Z) • At this time your CAPE 2 Grades will be available and you will be advised on the Programmes/Majors/courses for which you are qualified • You will also be advised on how to recover form a failed or untaken CAPE Exam • Engineering Orientation will be held on Monday August 25th at 10 AM in the Physiology Lecture Theatre

  25. Can’t Remember all of This!! • All Slides will be available at Faculty Website at http://www.mona.uwi.edu/fpas/preorientation2014/ and • Get general information from the Deans Office or Department Coordinators • Dr. Eric Hyslop, Associate Dean for student affairs is located at the Deans office and has specific office hours. Email Dr Hyslop at eric.hyslop@uwimona.edu.jm • Attend student advising during registration week