in most of the country the grass is dormant n.
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Winter Lawn Care Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter Lawn Care Tips

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Winter Lawn Care Tips

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  1. In most of the country, the grass is dormant in winter. The racial season of the fresh season is often exceeded in the field of grass to maintain a Lawn Care Jeffersontown. In the north it is too cold that the grass grows, so we wait patiently for the spring - sometimes under the snow cover, sometimes not. The care of the grass, however, is not entirely in winter. Winter Lawn Care 1. Fertilize Apply fertilizer with a spreader. If you move the machine back and forth on the lawn, grasp the handle as a trigger and release the pellets when firing. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer package. Just adjust the recommended amount by Lawn Care Jeffersonville. Be careful because too much fertilizer can burn your grass. 2. Aerate the lawn Provide some extra air for grass roots by listening to your lawn - to make dirt swords on your lawn to plant holes to sow seeds. You can rent a motorized aerator or a manual version. 3. Spread Cool-Weather Grass Seed Buy grass seed that says "cold season" or "cool time" in the package, like most hinges. You can sprinkle the seed through the lawn with the same spreader you used for the fertilizer. Try to spread the seed evenly, so you will not get grass seeds later. 4. Stir and water the lawn Drag a rake over the lawn to clean the bottom clogs and cover the seeds a bit. Water the grass with the hose spray. Then keep the soil moist - do not let lawn maintenance new it dry.

  2. More Winter Tips Wipe it off. It is very important not to leave debris, leaves or toys on the lawn. These things can lubricate the grass, create disease conditions and invite insects, mice and other harmful pests. Slowly cut the height of your mower with a hook or two (.5 "- 1.0") a few times. Excessive long grass can avoid the disease causing the disease and the risk of frostbite and thaw damage. However, do not overlap the grass and screw to expose the crown of the plant to extreme conditions. Note the traffic. Under the snow cover, or exposed to the elements, inactive grass will tolerate a moderate amount of traffic, but a heavily worn path will be slower to grow in the spring and to cause compaction. Save time. Peat is very resistant and can tolerate an extreme winter, but certain conditions can be harmful in the long run. Perhaps it may be useful to extract a small exposed ice at a low point if you know that a winter storm is approaching or freezing. Winters can often be unpredictable and can put your grass through some extreme Lawn Care Jeffersontown conditions during the winter. It is best to make sure that the grass heals, that it has good grass laid down, must control the weather and aims to build in the maintenance of its sidewalks and snowmen.