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Lawn Care Company Tips for a Healthy Winter Lawn PowerPoint Presentation
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Lawn Care Company Tips for a Healthy Winter Lawn

Lawn Care Company Tips for a Healthy Winter Lawn

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Lawn Care Company Tips for a Healthy Winter Lawn

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  1. Lawn Care Company Tips for a Healthy Winter Lawn

  2. We all love our lawns but as the autumn ends and winter begins, it starts losing its charm. Once the fall season is over, we just call landscaping companies for final cleaning and then stop paying attention to our lawn. But the good news is that you can actually have a beautiful lawn in winter too if you start off in a good way by the end of the fall. Here are a few tips from our lawn care company that can help you have a beautiful winter lawn: • Fall season preparation • If you start preparing your lawn by the end of the fall there won’t be much care required during the cold months of winter. From watering to mowing, and raking the leaves, you need to make sure that all the aspects of lawn care are taken into consideration. You can also hire a lawn care company for your lawn maintenance. • Mowing the lawn • By the end of fall, each time you mow your lawn, you should lower the cutting base a little. Taller grass becomes a breeding ground for the rodents looking for a warm place to sleep. They can also destroy large parts of a lawn by digging holes and building their nests. Furthermore, cutting the grass shorter with every mowing session gradually allows it to get acquainted with the cold weather.

  3. Weeding the lawn Weeding the lawn before the arrival of winter is also very important. There are some weeds that thrive in winters. You need to weed them out in time and keep a weed spray handy so they don’t destroy your lawn during the cold season. • Decrease lawn watering As the temperature of the air and soil falls by the end of autumn, you need to change the watering cycle of your lawn. Over-watering can cause turf diseases or rotting of the thatch layer. It’s best to water the lawn once or twice a week in moderate amounts. • Cleaning the lawn Rake away the dead leaves from the autumn and discard them to avoid wet spots that can become moldy in winters. Avoid mulching. Also, sweep the lawn once every 15 days during winters to keep it debris free and beautiful. Removing logs and wooden garden furniture is also a good idea as they become moist and may get prone to fungus and molds. • Aerate and fertilize the lawn • It’s a good practice to aerate and fertilize your lawn before the first freeze of the season. Once the weather turns cold, fertilizers get absorbed in the soil and feed your lawn with nutrients all winter long. This helps in having a full and healthy, green grass as the spring arrives.

  4. Pruning plants • Overgrown plants and trees can increase the shade levels in winter, causing more shade region in the lawn and adversely affecting the ground. It’s best to prune such plants and trees by the end of the fall and clear the grounds before the winter arrives. • Avoid lawn traffic • Try avoiding a lot of foot fall in the lawn. As the grass is already in the dormant mode, it’s difficult for it to recover if an area becomes a regular path across the lawn. Keep the sidewalks clean and use them instead. • Don’t park or allow anyone to park any vehicle in your lawn. Even the lightest vehicles leave impressions in the soil and can destroy the lawn grass. • Lawn decoration • Though most of us don’t look forward to a very amusing lawn in winters, you can still have a more lively atmosphere by showing a little creativity. Putting some lights on the trees, having stone or metal decorative pieces and some rust free iron furniture will definitely give a more welcoming look to your lawn without taking much out of your busy schedule. Having a beautiful lawn in winter is often thought of as an impossibility. But if you start in time during autumn and give the right attention to the details, you won’t just have a better lawn in winter but also a healthier turf as the spring arrives. Contact Us today to ensure that your lawn stays healthy this winter.

  5. Author Bio: Tender Care Lawn is a dedicated lawn care company started by Donald Lapoint and family in 2004 in southwest Louisiana. Our goal is to provide affordable, dependable, quality landscape maintenance services. We believe in complete customer satisfaction. Our services include grass cutting, fertilization, weed control, shrub and hedge trimming in the Sulphur, Lake Charles, Moss Bluff, Westlake, Carlyss and surrounding areas.