where i m from class poetry reading n.
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“Where I’m From” Class Poetry Reading PowerPoint Presentation
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“Where I’m From” Class Poetry Reading

“Where I’m From” Class Poetry Reading

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“Where I’m From” Class Poetry Reading

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  1. “Where I’m From” Class Poetry Reading Hearing each other’s stories

  2. Keys to public poetry reading Relax – we are all here to see you succeed! Approach the podium with confidence and good posture. Stand behind the podium, but do not hide behind it. Introduce yourself – name, and number of years at BGA. (MAKE EYE CONTACT!!) Read the title of your poem, and then begin. Speak slowly and clearly. Project your voice! Smile, thank the audience, and sit down. Breathe. : )

  3. Keys to being a respectful listener Clear your desk of everything except your pencil/pen and the listening handout. Look at the poet. (Do not turn around in your seat.) Do not heckle the poet. Be quiet, and do not talk to classmates. Smile and applaud when the poet finishes.

  4. “Where I’m From” by Mr. Wyatt I am from Colonial Hills Elementary and girls-chase-boys, Saturdays sprawled on straw-yellow carpeting, OSU football and cold pizza.I am from a teacher mom and a doctor dad, pumpkin hunting at Lynd’s Fruit Farm and screaming down Devil’s Hill on a steel runner sled.I am from “goodness gracious alive!”,buoyant Southern expressions on grave Northern mornings. I am from church sermons wafting through the vents of a VW dealership.I am from corn mazes, bike trails stretched over railways like band-aids. I am from post-post- industrial, the natural science museum, black theater boxes, and wrinkling time in the back of a Florida-bound Corolla.