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Environmental Disasters

Environmental Disasters. A visual journey. Donora, PA Smog Disaster. 1948. This picture was taken at… . NOON on Oct. 29, 1948 in Donora, PA. Toxic London Fog. 1952. Minamata Bay Mercury Poisoning. Late 1950’s. Minamata Bay. Mercury poisoning to central nervous system.

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Environmental Disasters

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  1. Environmental Disasters A visual journey

  2. Donora, PA Smog Disaster 1948

  3. This picture was taken at… NOON on Oct. 29, 1948 in Donora, PA

  4. Toxic London Fog 1952

  5. Minamata Bay Mercury Poisoning Late 1950’s

  6. Minamata Bay

  7. Mercury poisoning to central nervous system

  8. Burning of the Cuyahoga River 1969

  9. excerpted from Time Magazine, August 1, 1969 Boat caught in flaming Cuyahoga Some River! Chocolate Brown, oily, bubbling with sub surface gases, it oozes rather than flows. "Anyone who falls into the Cuyahoga does not drown," Cleveland's citizens joke grimly. "He decays." The Federal Water Pollution Control Administration dryly notes: "The lower Cuyahoga has no visible life, not even low forms such as leeches and sludge worms that usually thrive on wastes." It is also -- quite literally -- a fire hazard. A few weeks ago, the oil-slicked river burst into flames and burned with such intensity that two railroad bridges spanning it were nearly destroyed.

  10. Santa Barbara Oil Spill 1969

  11. Love Canal 1976-1978

  12. Times Beach, MO

  13. Three-Mile Island Maybe not a disaster… but worth noting 1979

  14. Partially melted core

  15. Bhopal Incident 1984

  16. Chernobyl Nuclear Accident 1986

  17. Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 1989

  18. “The EXXON VALDEZ ran aground on Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska on March 24, 1989, spilling 10.8 million gallons of oil into the marine environment. It is currently #53 on the all-time list of largest oil spills.”

  19. First Gulf War Oil Spills 1991

  20. More recently?

  21. And even more recently… http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/japan/8389009/Japan-earthquake-Fukushima-Fifty-risking-their-lives-to-avert-nuclear-disaster.html http://edigitales.org/fukushima-nuclear-power-plant/

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