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  2. Mission Crossfire Volleyball Club strives to empower young athletes with a commitment for developing leadership, sportsmanship and athletic performance in competition and in our community.

  3. Vision To create an athletic program that: Provides a safe and nurturing environment for young athletes to grow Develops young athlete’s leadership skills by providing opportunities to lead Develops sportsmanship by demonstrating positive attitudes towards team members and other institutions Develops fundamental skills in order to succeed in athletic competition

  4. Philosophy Crossfire's staff has a passion for teaching the game of volleyball to young players. We believe that a structured and disciplined program will lead to successes on and off the court. We also emphasize the importance of conditioning, consistency and game knowledge. Simply put, the game teaches the game.

  5. History Established in 2010 2010-2011: 4 Teams (12u to 15u) – 40 Players 2011-2012: 8 Teams (12u to 16u) – 80 Players 2012-2013: 12 Teams (12u to 17u) – 113 Players 2013-2014: Anticipate 12-13 Teams (12u to 18u) Accomplishments

  6. Technical Game Mental Game The Triangle Physical Game

  7. Structure Structure is a key to training young athletes! Teams will practice on the same days and same times each week Practices will be focused on the skills that elicit success – passing and serving will be covered at each and every practice. Full court practice is the rule, not the exception Athletes will learn every aspect of the game, including referee and score keeping

  8. Fury Academy All Crossfire players will receive pure volleyball conditioning from Coach Joe Ellis and his staff at Fury Academy Our focus will be on building balance and explosion that will allow players to take their game to the next level by increasing leg strength and core that will build not only physical but mental confidence. This also helps to eliminate or reduce the impact of the non-dominant side of the player’s body and injury Baseline measurements assessed throughout the season and feedback provided to each player

  9. Gold Medal Squared ‘The game teaches the game’…drills that resemble game play will be used for training in practice sessions Statistical analysis of ball movement and ball placement is the basis for the system Training is based upon physiokinetics of the body…volleyball will be taught by simplifying the skills based upon the natural movement of the body

  10. Mental Aspect Players will be empowered to make on court decisions based on what is learned in practice. Players will gain confidence based on success in challenging situations both in practice and in play Teams perform better when they work together for common goals. Individual and team goals will be documented regularly in each player’s journal along with skills and techniques that players can reflect upon.

  11. Summary Maximum 11-12 players per team Pure Volleyball Conditioning (Fury Academy) USAV recognized training (Gold Medal Squared) Teams will level up in competition (Play up) Club and Power Teams at each level Players will journal their experience – data supports that writing goals helps people to realize them.

  12. Coaches 2013-2014 Coaching Staff 12 Purple (Local) - Jeff Kirk and Meg Connelly 12 Smack – Michael Bush and Taylor Revenew 13 Purple – Evelyn Keysar and Roxanne Eilerman 13 Smack – Robin Emery and Evelyn Keysar 14 Purple – Will Venable and Erica Beckelhymer 14 Smack – John Edwards and Andrea Hernandez 15 Purple – DaniCutlip and Denise DeVine 15 Smack – Jennifer Aita and Eric Aita 16 Purple – Christine Mamon and John Mamon 16 Smack National – Denise DeVineand Joe Auriemma 17 Smack Regional – Ken Scheder and DaniCutlip 17 Smack National – Michael Golyer 18 Smack – Mark Stasevich and Davis Grass

  13. Practice Schedule Total of 5 weeks in November – December: Fury Academy:(All Teams: Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday) All Crossfire Players will be attending 2- 1 hour sessions per week at Fury Academy in Woodstock (Next to Woodstock Elementary) for our volleyball conditioning program. Sixes Road Gym: (All Teams: Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday) Dependent upon conditioning schedule, All Crossfire Players will practice at Sixes Road Gym for Volleyball Practice for 1 hour. Note: The schedule will be determined after tryouts.

  14. Practice Schedule Beginning in January: All Tournament Player’s Park (6 teams) Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30pm – 9:30pm. Teams will practice in 2 hour increments from 5:30pm – 7:30pm and 7:30pm – 9:30pm (Typically, younger teams will be earlier time) Hopewell Baptist Church (4 teams) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30pm – 9:30pm. Teams will practice in 2 hour increments from 5:30pm – 7:30pm and 7:30pm – 9:30pm (Typically, younger teams will be earlier time) Sixes Road Gym formerly Strictly VB (2-3 teams) Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30pm – 9:30pm.

  15. Team(s) and Levels Check the website for the level Age Definitions 12u Level: 10 & 11 year old players (typically 5th and 6th grades) 1 Regional Club Team and 1 Local Team (Local will be Saturday only) 13u Level: 12 year old players (typically 7th grade) 1 Regional Power Team and 1 Regional Club Team 14u Level: 13 year old players (typically 8th grade) 1 Regional Power Team and 1 Regional Club Team 15u Level: 14 year old players (typically 9th grade) 1 Regional Power Team and 1 Regional Club Team 16u Level: 15 year old players (typically 10th grade) 1 National Power Team and 1 Regional Club Team 17u Level: 16 year old players (typically 11th grade) 1 National Power Team and 1 Regional Power Team 18u Level: 17 year old players (typically 12th grade)1 Regional Club Team

  16. Club Costs Tuition for Crossfire Volleyball is based on several factors including: Coaching Fees Court Rental Fees Uniform Package Tournament Fees Conditioning Fees Volleyball Equipment

  17. 15 Purple Regional $2000 15 Smack Regional $2300 16 Purple Regional $2000 16 Smack National $2500 17 Smack Regional $2300 17 Smack National $2500 18 Smack Regional $2300 Team Costs A deposit of $500 will be required on signing day: November 16th. A payment schedule can be arranged and we accept debit and credit cards. 12 Purple Local $1300 12 Smack Regional $1500 13 Purple Regional $1500 13 Smack Regional $1700 14 Purple Regional $1700 14 Smack Regional $2000

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