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Linc – level 5

Presentation on: City of Brampton Bylaws & Common Parking Offences. Linc – level 5. Presentedby : Pardeep gill. Under the guidance of : Ms. Navpreet Arora. City of Brampton By-law Services. Topics Covered 1 . Widening Driveways 2. Common Parking Offences.

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Linc – level 5

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  1. Presentation on: City of Brampton Bylaws & Common Parking Offences Linc – level 5 Presentedby: Pardeep gill Under the guidance of :Ms. NavpreetArora

  2. City of Brampton By-law Services • Topics Covered • 1. Widening Driveways • 2. Common Parking Offences A driveway consists of all the hard and level surfaces on a property that can be parked on by a motor vehicle. This includes paved walkways, interlocking, brick or concrete borders, curbs, etc.

  3. WIDENING DRIVEWAYS • There are restrictions on how wide a driveway can be, based on the size of the property. These exist for several reasons: • - To ensure proper drainage. • - To keep appropriate ratio between permeable and impermeable surfaces- And to maintain appropriate community standards. • More information about driveway widening can be obtained from Zoning Services of the City. PERMIT REQUIREMENTS: While a permit is not required to widen a driveway, a permit may be required if a person is cutting the curb or widening the boulevard portion of their driveway. The boulevard is the land between the road and the sidewalk.

  4. Important definitions • Curb: means the concrete barrier that runs along the road at the edge of a residential property. • 2. Permeable: means something that allows liquids and gases to pass through it. • 3. Impermeable: means something that does not allow liquid or gasses to pass through it.

  5. COMMON PARKING OFFENCES • Below is a list of the most common parking offences, all of which may result in the vehicle owner being issued a parking ticket. The amount of fine varies depending on the offence. • 1. Blocking the sidewalk: Your car is parked in a driveway and covering a portion of the sidewalk. • 2. Overhanging the curb: Your car is parked in a driveway, partially over the curb and into the street. • 3. On the boulevard: Your car is parked on the grass between the street and the sidewalk. • 4. Facing the wrong way: Your car is parked facing the opposite direction of the flow of traffic. • 5. Longer than three hours: your car is parked for three hours or more without a parking consideration temporary permit.

  6. Common parking offences cont’d… • 6. On the street during or after a snowfall: A car is blocking access for snow clearing trucks and crews, which delays the service they provide to the public. • 7. In the centre of a court:: A car is parked without the two right-side tires within 15 cm (6 inches) of the curb. • 8. Overnight: a car is parked on the street from 2 am to 6 am without a valid parking consideration temporary permit.

  7. Common parking offences cont’d… • 9. Unplated or not working: a broken or unplated vehicle is left on the street. • 10. Fire route: a car is parked in a fire route – these must be kept clear in the event of emergency. • 11. Fire hydrant: a car is parked within 3 metres (10 feet) of a fire hydrant. • 12. Corner: a car is parked within 9 metres (30 feet of an intersection. • 13. Parking in an accessible parking space: a car is parked in a designated accessible parking space without a valid accessible permit clearly visible, including the expiry date. •  14. Abuse of an accessible parking permit: a car is parked in an accessible parking space and an accessible parking permit that was not issued to you is displayed.

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