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Visually Enhancing PowerPoint 2010 Presentations PowerPoint Presentation
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Visually Enhancing PowerPoint 2010 Presentations

Visually Enhancing PowerPoint 2010 Presentations

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Visually Enhancing PowerPoint 2010 Presentations

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  1. Visually Enhancing PowerPoint 2010 Presentations

  2. Visually Enhancing PowerPoint • Design Themes in PowerPoint 2010 • Smart Art and Word Art in PowerPoint 2010 • Tables and Charts in PowerPoint 2010 • Formatting Tables and Charts in PowerPoint 2010 • Adding Video to Presentations Everything reviewed in this workshop is in the PowerPoint 2010 SkillPort training.

  3. PowerPoint Training in SkillPort • Java is imperative for using SkillPort. SkillPort needs Java loaded to function properly. To download Java open a browser and go to Select the big red download button and just follow the instructions.

  4. Ask My Mentor • All Microsoft training in SkillPort has a subject matter expert associated with the course. • Use the Ask My Mentor feature in any Microsoft course in SkillPort to have an immediate chat with an expert. The question does not have to be related to the course, just the subject. • Select the Resources button in the course and then select Ask My Mentor from the list. Select Live Chat.

  5. Themes • Design Tab • Select a theme from the Themes area of the ribbon • Use the scrolling arrows at right of themes to moved through the theme choices. • As you mouse over each theme it will display in your presentation to give you a preview

  6. Color, Fonts and Effects • For any theme you select you can change the color scheme, fonts or effects • Select the dropdown arrow next to Color, Fonts and Effects to access the other options for the theme • Design your own theme colors using Create New Theme Color at the bottomof the Colors menu

  7. Exercise 1 – TRY THIS • Open PowerPoint • Select the Design Tab and select a theme • Change the colors • Change the fonts • Add effects • Click on Background Styles and select a new one

  8. Smart Art • Insert Tab > Smart Art • Useful tool for building graphical representations. • Click on a selection to see a brief explanation. • Smart Art Tools Tab will appear for selection you have made from the Smart Art. • Change colors, styles, layouts and reset graphics from Smart Art Tools.

  9. Exercise 2 – TRY THIS • Go to the Insert Tab and select Smart Art • Select Hierarchy from the left navigation • Select the first icon in the 2nd row (Circle Hierarchy) • Type in names for the text • Click the picture button in the left menu and select an image from the folder provided

  10. Word Art • Useful tool for enhancing a heading or word • Should NOT be over used • Insert Tab > Word Art • Make a Type selection and then enter your text

  11. Exercise 3 – TRY THIS • Select Insert Tab > Word Art • Select a type style • Type your name

  12. Tables • Select the tables icon from the center of your body text area of the blank slide. • Indicate the number of columns and rows • Click OK • Your table will appear in edit mode ready for you to enter data.

  13. Table Tools • When you create a table a table tools tab will appear. Select this table to change the table styles, similar to how you changed themes. • Mouse over the styles to get a quick preview of the style. • Theme colors provides options for gradients, textures, pictures and more. • Borders and Effect provide additional table options.

  14. Exercise 4 – TRY THIS • Go to a blank slide in PowerPoint and click the insert table icon • Change the Rows to 5 and Columns to 2 and click OK • Select the 3rd table style from the left in the first row of styles • Enter the text FY13 in the 1st column, hit tab and enter FY14 in the 2nd column • Select the table border and change the fill to a texture

  15. Charts • Select the charts icon to create achart. • PowerPoint will display your charton one side of the screen and aspreadsheet for your data entry on the other.

  16. Chart Ribbon • Once you complete the spreadsheet close it and you will see the chart tools tab. • Use the chart tools tab to change chart styles, colors, layouts. • To edit data select edit data on the chart tools ribbon.

  17. Exercise 5 – TRY THIS • Move to a blank slide and select the Chart icon • At the insert chart menu select the 2nd icon in the 2nd row. Click OK. • In the data sheet change Series 1,2 and 3 to FY12, FY13 and FY 14. • Change Category 1 to Retention and Category 2 to Completion. • Delete both rows for Category 3 and 4. • Move the data outline to exclude rows 4 and 5. • Close the data sheet and change the chart style.

  18. Adding Video • Insert Tab > Video or video icon in body text • Browse and find your video file • Video Tools Tab displays • Does not accept MOV files • Use Video Tools tab to preview video and do minor editing and color correction.

  19. Video Format Tab • Play will preview the video • In the Adjustments area are color correction tools • Any changes can be reset to original with the Reset Design

  20. Video Styles • Use the Video styles area to select frames or drop shadows. • You can change the video shape, border and add special effects from the styles area.

  21. Video Adjustments • Move the video from background to foreground with Bring Forward and Send Backward. • The selection pane allows you to hide items on the slide. • Use crop to crop the size of the video.

  22. Trimming a Video • Trimming and Fading are ONLY available to .pptx files. If you save the file as a .ppt the features are not available. • Click trim video and the display window appears. • Move the green stopper to indicate where to start the video and movethe red stopper to indicate where toend the video. Click OK.

  23. Exercise 6 – TRY THIS • Move to a blank slide and select the video icon. • Insert the bunnies.wmv video file and use the play button to play the file. • Click Corrections and mouseover the different corrections. • Select a Video Style from the styles selection and add a video effect. • Move to the playback tab on the video tools tab and click on Trim Video. • Move the green marker to change the start point and move the red marker to the right to change the end point. Then click ok. Play the video.

  24. Packing Video for Presentation • Ever put a video in a slideshow and it did not show when you presented? Know why? You MUST use Pack for CD to have video play everywhere. A copy of the video is then embedded into the slideshow and a folder is created that you MUST have to present the video.

  25. Packing Video for Presentation • To use the option go to FILE>SAVE & SEND • Click the Package for CD button.

  26. Packing Video for Presentation • Select Copy to Folder. • This will create a folder with everything you need to run thepresentation and video. • Put that folder with all files in it on your flash drive. Open the PowerPoint file from that folder to run the presentation.