wireless video camera technology explained n.
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Wireless Video Camera Technology Explained PowerPoint Presentation
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Wireless Video Camera Technology Explained

Wireless Video Camera Technology Explained

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Wireless Video Camera Technology Explained

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  1. Wireless Video Camera Technology Explained Click here for more details

  2. Video systems are becoming a part of our everyday lives. When video surveillance systems first hit the market in the mid 80's, they immediately made a major impact on crime prevention and the way crimes are investigated. Early video systems required a hardwired connection between the camera and the recording system. Recent innovations in wireless video transmission are changing that requirement.

  3. Wireless video systems are popping up all over the place to satisfy a range of consumer requirements. From wireless baby monitors to high-end high-definition wireless broadcast systems, wireless video systems are available in a wide range of prices, features and functions.

  4. Every wireless video system consists of a camera, a transmitter, a receiver, an antenna and a power supply. Transmission ranges can vary greatly depending on the frequency, the antenna and the rated power output. For the best results and the longest range, most wireless video transmission systems require a clear line of site between the transmitter and the receiver to operate consistently. Wireless video signals do not penetrate very well through glass, walls, concrete, trees, steel or other obstructions.

  5. Some people shy away from IP and network security solutions because they appear to be complicated and difficult to set up. The fact is the initial set up does require some expertise and knowledge but the operation and day to day use of the systems are no different than using any other PC based security camera system. The required computer skills are minimal. If a person can check email, use a word processing program or load and play any type of game on a PC they most likely possess the skills needed to use and manage a PC based system.

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