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Do Now 2/19/13 (4 min) PowerPoint Presentation
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Do Now 2/19/13 (4 min)

Do Now 2/19/13 (4 min)

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Do Now 2/19/13 (4 min)

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  1. Do Now 2/19/13 (4 min) Vocabulary: Freewrite: If you had to choose three items to bring with you on a deserted island, what would they be? Why? Class assistants – please do your jobs!

  2. OurGoalsToday (1 min) By the end of class, you will be able to: • Identify and use coordinating conjunctions (which will help you write your summary). • Read an exemplary summary. • Review the conferencing expectations. • Draft at least one section of your Novel Analysis in the computer lab.

  3. Part 1: Compound sentences (10 min) Which example features better writing? • Example 1:Jaylin pet the duck. The duck started chasing Jaylin. Jaylin ran away. Jaylin hid behind a tree. The duck found Jaylin. • Example 2:Jaylin pet the duck, but the duck started chasing Jaylin so he ran away. Jaylin hid behind a tree, yet the duck found Jaylin.

  4. Part 1: Compound sentences (10 min) • A coordinating conjunction is a type of word used to combine two complete sentences into a compound sentence. • Coordinating conjunctionsallow writers to combine ideas to make their writing more interesting and enjoyable to read. • Examples:for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so

  5. Part 1: Compound sentences (10 min) Check out the coordinating conjunctions: • Example 1:Jaylin pet the duck. The duck started chasing Jaylin. Jaylin ran away. Jaylin hid behind a tree. The duck found Jaylin. • Example 2:Jaylin pet the duck, but the duck started chasing Jaylin so he ran away. Jaylin hid behind a tree, yet the duck found Jaylin.

  6. Part 1: Compound sentences (10 min)

  7. Part 1: Compound sentences (10 min)

  8. Now, your turn! (2 min) • On the back of your sheet, complete the following sentence about YOUR novel. In _________________ (NOVEL NAME), _________________ (MAIN CHARACTER) lives in a dystopian world that ____________________ (DESCRIBE MAIN FEATURE OF THEIR SOCIETY), _________________________________________ (USE COORDINATING CONJUNCTION AND DESCRIBE THE CONFLICT OF THE STORY)

  9. Part 1: Compound sentences (10 min) The most important point from this lesson: When you write your Novel Analysis (especially your summary), you should use coordinating conjunctions to create compound sentences!!!

  10. Part 3: Conferencing Expectations (5 min) • What is a conference? • A 20 minute meeting with your literature circle and Mr. Wood where you can get personal help with your Novel Analysis. • When is my conference? • On Wednesday or Friday. • What should I bring to my conference? • A printed-out or handwritten draft of the section(s) of your Novel Analysis you want help with. • Questions you have about your Novel Analysis.

  11. Part 3: Conferencing Expectations (5 min) • What will happen at my conference? • You will share your writing with Mr. Wood and the group. • Mr. Wood and the group will give you respectful, constructive feedback on your writing and answer your questions. • You will be graded on your progress and participation in the conference. • What will happen after my conference? • You will use the feedback you received to improve your writing and revise/continue writing your Novel Analysis.

  12. Part 2: Exemplary Summary (2 min) In The Outsiders, the main character, Ponyboy, is a thoughtful member of a violent gang of high school age kids in Tulsa called the Greasers. The Greasers are bitter rivals with a wealthier group of adolescents called the Socs, ANDthe two groups often fight for respect. Ponyboy has a conversation one night at the movies with a Soc girl named Cherry and they seem to understand each other, BUTas a result, Cherry's boyfriend and other Socs attack Ponyboy and his friend Johnny. Although Johnny is a quiet kid, previous fights with the Socs cause him to attack and murder one of the Socs. Johnny and Ponyboy go to an abandoned church and wait until the news of their murder blows over; in the meantime, they talk about a famous poem and its claim that “nothing gold can stay” (60). This is a critical moment in the story, FORit helps support the theme that children are the most innocent and precious people in society. Johnny and Ponyboy are only teenagers, YETthey have to deal with very mature problems and concerns such as violence, raising themselves, and drugs and alcohol. By the end of the novel, Ponyboy claims that the Greasers learned “all the wrong things” (130), ANDthis also emphasizes the theme because it reveals that the Greasers were forced to deal with mature subjects instead of leading the carefree life of a teenager outside of a gang.

  13. Part 4: Writing (45 min) • You will now work on your novel analysis. • The expectation is that you are SILENTLY WORKING OR WHISPERING, IN YOUR SEAT, AND RAISING YOUR HAND IF YOU NEED HELP. • Wednesday and Friday are your ONLY typing days. Monday is printing and stapling day. Tuesday is the showcase. • I am here before and after school if you need access to a computer.

  14. Clean-up (2 mins) • Put the desks back into rows. • Worksheet manager – collect the worksheets • Folder manager – collect the folders • Look around your desk and see if there is any trash you can pick up, EVEN if it’s not yours.

  15. Class meeting (3 mins) • Homework: Work on your Novel Analysis!! • Turn in last week’s homework assignment AND parent signature on the project letter. • Announcements: • Next vocab test – Friday, March 1st

  16. Dismissal (2 mins) Our daily dismissal procedure: • Remain in your seat UNTIL the bell rings. • When the bell rings, I will dismiss the rows one by one (quietest first). • ON YOUR WAY OUT, you may put your raffle ticket(s) in your class’s basket, IF you earned any today. See you tomorrow! 