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travel to Bhutan

travel to Bhutan

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travel to Bhutan

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  1. Since 1999, Passionately helping to create you, a lifetime experience...  ACTIVITY DESTINATION ABOUT US You wish to do You would like to go Why choose us HIKE, BIKE, CLIMB, YOGA, TREK, FAMILY AND SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. Group Tours or Tailor- Made Home / Blog / Everything You Need To Know Before You Travel To Bhutan Everything You Need To Know Before You Travel To Bhutan Everything You Need To Know Before You Travel To Bhutan 17 Posted By : enepaltrekking September 2019 When you make the decision to travel to Bhutan, you sign up for the most unbelievable audience with the nature. Bhutan is one of those countries in the world that is the perfect amalgamation of natural elements and cultural, religious and historical heritages, which you will realize when you travel to Bhutan. It’s very important that before you travel to Bhutan, you research very well about the interesting places to visit there, and about the overall attractions in Bhutan. Doing so will ensure that you cover all the interesting places, or at least the major ones among them, and that you have the best possible time. The country is so rich that it takes a person quite some time to explore everything. The information presented below is to tell you everything that you need to know before you travel to Bhutan. Nepal Tour Before you travel to Bhutan, you’ll spend a significant amount of time taking a Nepal tour. Your Nepal tour package will consist of major tourist destinations in Nepal, and different things to do in Nepal that are going to ensure that you’ll have the best possible time in the country and that you’re prepped for the travel to Bhutan. You can come for a tour in Nepal, even when you’ve not planned to travel to Bhutan. Nepal on its own is a wonderful country to move around in and explore. If you’ve never travelled to Nepal, the year 2020 is the best time to do so. The year is the time of Visit Nepal 2020 campaign. Under the visit Nepal 2020 campaign, the tourists from all over the world are motivated to visit Nepal. Through the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign, they will be provided different offers in all the services that they take during their stay in the country. If you’ve never visited Nepal, then the year 2020 is probably going to be the best time to do so. Generally, when your package includes the travel to Bhutan, the maximum places from Nepal you’ll cover in your itinerary are Kathmandu Valley and Nagarkot. However, during the detailed Nepal tour, you will cover the magical city of Pokhara, jungle safari in Chitwan National Park, and possibly the religious land of Lumbini. By covering these places, you will get the overall idea of the aspect of tourism in Nepal.

  2. Chitwan National Park is one of the most exciting places in Nepal, as it is home to different species of rare and endangered species of animals and plants. You can go for jungle safari in the park, on elephants, on jeep, on canoe, and explore the rich wildlife here. Lumbini, on the other hand, is a religious place. This is where the Light of Asia, Gautam Buddha, was born. The Mayadevi temple complex here is one of the the most significant UNESCO World Heritage sites. Pokhara is known as the land of adventure sports. Here, you can get involved in activities such as Paragliding, Hot Air Ballooning, Zip Flying, and so on. You can also visit the different attractions in Pokhara like Fewa Lake, Begnas Lake, Rupa Lake, Mahendra Cave, Peace Pagoda and so on. Lakeside in Pokhara is a great way to relax, listen to different genres of music and try numerous delicacies. Travel To Bhutan When you travel to Bhutan, and have the most amazing Bhutan tour, you’re sure to realize how wonderful of a country Bhutan is. Altogether, you’ll spend around 10 days here, and in this time, you’ll visit places such as Paro, Taktsang, Bumthang, Punakha, Trashiyangtse, and so on. Before you travel to Bhutan, you’ll spend at least a couple of days in Nepal, sightseeing around Kathmandu and Nagarkot. Paro is one of the prominent cities of Bhutan. If you go to Bhutan, and don’t visit Paro, your journey remains incomplete. One of the most significant attractions of Paro is Rinpung Dzong, which is a fortress monastery built in around 10 century, and later reconstructed in 17th century, giving it the shape it has currently. Another attraction around Paro is Tiger’s Nest or Taktsang, a temple complex that is situated on top of a 1000 m tall cliff. Both of them are very sacred sites for Bhutanese Buddhists. th Similarly, Bumthang is actually a dzongkhag, a complex consisting of numerous temples and scared site, quite a significant heritage for Buddhists. There are

  3. altogether 20 dzongkhag in Bhutan, Bumthang being one of them. The district is divided into four sections – Ura, Chumey, Tang and Choekhor, and during your journey, you can make the decision of visiting either all four of them, or just one or two. Quite like Bumthang, Punakha is one of the 20 dzongkhag of Bhutan. It is only 3 hours long drive away from Thimpu. One of the most significant heritages of Punakha is Punakha Dzong, where the first king of Bhutan was crowned. It roughly translates to Palace of Happiness. It was built in around early 17 For a long time, Punakha was the capital of Bhutan, which was later transferred to Thimpu. When you travel to Bhutan, you will also go for sightseeing tour in places like Mongar and Trashigang. They are small towns in the districts of Mongar and Trashigang respectively. They are known for dzongkhas and monasteries in them, mainly the Yagang Lakhang monastery in Mongar. In the same way, the town of Trashiyangtse is a great place to be at, considered sacred and blessed by Guru Rinpoche. You can choose several packages like East to west Bhutan Tour the more spiritual Cultural tour in Bhutan which lets you explore and find out more about Bhutan. Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour offers you the best of all three countries. It is a luxury tour, and so, the difficulty level is easy. On the Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, you’ll mainly go for sightseeing in the capital cities of all the three countries, which happen to be the most interesting places in these countries. They are beautiful, culturally and historically rich, and offer you so many options to explore. The journey starts from Nepal. You visit Kathmandy Valley first, which includes the capital city of Kathmandu, and the ancient city of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. These are homes to 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In Nepal, you will also visit Nagarkot, which is a small hill station. You will be taken there for amazing sunrise and sunset views. You get to spend around 4 days in Nepal. After your Nepal tour, you will fly to Tibet, to the capital city of Lhasa. Being the capital, it is also the most historical city of Tibet, with so many cultural, historical and religious heritages. You’ll spend two full days exploring Lhasa. Then, you’ll move to other historical cities like Shigatse and Rongbuk. You will also get to enjoy a scenic drive from Lo Tingri to Kerung. You’ll spend around 5 days in Tibet. Finally, you’ll travel to Bhutan. You’ll first arrive at Paro, and then drive to Thimpu, the capital city of Bhutan. Quite like Lhasa and Kathmandu, it’s a historical city with so many heritages to explore. You will spend one day visiting Thimpu Valley and Punakha Valley, and then you’ll return to Paro. Here, you’ll get to explore Paro Valley, and hike up to Tiger’s Nest. You’ll get to spend around 3 days in Bhutan. You can make your travel to Bhutan even more exciting, by incorporating certain neighboring countries in your itinerary. These countries could be Nepal and Tibet. You can also choose the Nepal India Bhutan tour. You might also combine Nepal and Bhutan and go for Nepal Bhutan Tour. Though different from each other by leaps and bounds, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet share so many similarities. For instance, Buddhism is a major religion in all these countries. In the same way, all these countries are Himalayan nations, and the people living in them follow very rich culture and traditions, and most importantly, all the three countries are naturally rich. When you go to these countries, you wouldn’t feel as if you’re visiting three different nations, you will feel as if you’re visiting three different states of the same nation. Planning a holiday in these places can prove to be an amazing getaway option for you. So, you could include these places in your travel to Bhutan itinerary to make it a great adventure, and even if you don’t, to travel to Bhutan is a fantastic option for a holiday trip on its own. Earthbound Expedition offers the most exciting tour packages featuring the most preferred and off-the-beat tourist destinations in countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. So, whether you’re looking to go for a holiday featuring all these countries, or you want to go for tour in any one of them, like travel to Bhutan, Earthbound Expeditions can be your ideal partner. In their itineraries, they offer activities such as trekking, expedition, heli tour, mountain flight, watching tour, luxury tour and many more. What makes their services stand apart from others is their focus on client satisfaction. They involve their clients in the itinerary designing process, which makes the journey personal, and meet their interest. If you’re planning to go on a holiday, but not quite sure where, and if you’re searching for an ideal travel service provider, Earthbound Expeditions is your one stop solution. With them by your side, taking care of you, and making sure that you’re having fun always, your journey will never be the same again. Tags: Bhutan tour, Earthbound Expedition, Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour, Nepal Tour, nepal tour package, tour in nepal, travel to Bhutan, Visit Nepal 2020

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