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Betsy Ross

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Betsy Ross

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  1. Betsy Ross By Anna

  2. Introduction • Betsy Ross was an important part of American Revolution. She made the first flag in America. She was married 3 times, and 2 out of her 8 daughters died. She only attended school until she was 12. Betsy Ross was amazing!

  3. Childhood • Betsy Ross had a simple childhood. Elizabeth Griscom was born on January 1,1752 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her family were Quakers who worked hard and lived a simple life. She learned to sew from her great-aunt Sarah Elizabeth Ann Griscom. Betsy was a talented seamstress. She made friends with John Ross in her father’s shop.

  4. Education • Betsy had an interesting schooling. She attended a Quaker public school where she learned how to read, write, and do math. At age 12 her school days ended. Her father wanted her to learn a trade at his upholstery shop. Betsy and her friend, John Ross, wanted to open their own upholstery shop.

  5. Family Betsy’s family was very important to her. As mentioned, her family were Quakers. Their home and dress were plain. They didn’t play music, read novels, or dance. They rejected war and would not pay taxes to support it. Betsy was married and widowed 3 times in her life. Her first 2 husbands were sailors. Her last husband worked with her in her shop. She had 2 daughters of whom 2 died at a young age.

  6. Jobs • She worked in a shop with her first husband, John Ross. Later, her third husband, John Claypoole, worked with her in their upholstery shop. When the British forced their way into colonists homes, to survive, Betsy made dresses for Loyalist women and mended uniforms for British offiers.

  7. Flag Fame • During the war, George Washington decided that they needed to unite the colonies. But who would make it? Betsy Ross supposedly made the first flag. There are several reasons to believe this. Fisrt, upholsterers made flags in those days. George Ross (uncle of John Ross) knew Betsy was a talented seamstress. Third, her family remembers stories of George Washington asking her to make a flag. The first flag had 13 stripes &13 stars to represent the 13 colonies.

  8. Conclusion • With hardships in her life like she did, Betsy was a very strong person. She played an important part in American history. Flag Day is almost Betsy Ross Day to honor her for making the flag.

  9. Sources • Betsy Ross by Vicky Franchino