lower back pain get your sitting position right n.
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Lower Back Pain? Get Your Sitting Position Right! PowerPoint Presentation
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Lower Back Pain? Get Your Sitting Position Right!

Lower Back Pain? Get Your Sitting Position Right!

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Lower Back Pain? Get Your Sitting Position Right!

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  1. Lower Back Pain? Get Your Sitting Position Right! Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Or are you someone who has been suffering a wriggling back pain in the recent past? Whichever scenario you fit in, your spine alignment and overall body posture deserve attention at all times. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke confirmed recently that four out of five adults experience low back pain at some point in their lives. That’s about 80% of adults across age, gender, race etc. There are multiple factors that contribute to lower back pains, some initiates from medical conditions, others purely by lifestyle. A common reason, however, is when your spine isn’t aligned from long hours of sitting. There are plenty of measures like getting a back pillow that can alleviate this pain offering optimal back support. Medical conditions from sitting for long hours You would have heard your teachers and parents warning you at a young age to walk straight- don’t slouch! Sitting in one position for too long is unhealthy, causing pain and discomfort. While sitting for so long, your back ends up rounding forward, slumped to one side or leaning far back. All of these add immense pressure to the spine leading to pain and other issues. Here are some types of lower back pain that can arise from sitting long hours: Sciatica Herniated disc Muscle strain Degenerative disc disease Spinal Stenosis Posture- The Key Your posture is absolutely key to spinal health. Even if your back pain isn’t directly due to poor posture, it can be made much worse from sitting long hours in an awkward position. Sitting and standing properly improves blood flow, helps keep nerves and blood vessels in good health and most importantly, supports all muscles, ligaments and tendons. There are many benefits to keeping a good posture:

  2. Helps reduce the amount of wearing in joint surfaces Decreases ligament stress holding joints together Avoids fatigue owing to muscles being used properly, thereby being energy efficient Contributes to confident appearance To help sit up straighter, ensure to make use of props like a back pillow for chair. Position your body on an imaginary straight line that extends through the length of your back, your head, all the way till the ceiling. Keep your shoulders levelled and don’t let your pelvis rotate forward. The latter is the key reason for a curve forming in the lower back. The best way to check if you are doing it right? You’ll feel the small part of your lower back stretch out and elongate. Brands like Wakefit, offer couch life comfort minus the slouch through their back support cushions. The moulded memory foam used is perfect for contouring and supporting your back while the soft velvety exterior ensures comfort. The memory foam also offers excellent temperature control, so you don’t end up feeling too hot and stuffy like too many pillows propped on your back. The main job of these pillows is to offer support from the upper back all the way to the tailbone. Fix them on a chair to get optimal lumbar support and proper position and height for the task in hand. Don’t be fooled into thinking these support pillows are only needed if you were doing an office job. While occupational risks do cause a significant contribution to back pains, it is as important to consider the times in transition too. Most back pillows online come with

  3. elastic straps that can be easily fastened on the driver’s seat keeping them firm when driving. This makes it easier to remove and strap on should you want to use them in your office chair too.