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Math 119

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Math 119

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  2. Contact Information • INSTRUCTOR: Olga Pilipets • E-MAIL: • PHONE: 858/531- 8210 (please do not text) • OFFICE: H-208 • OFFICE Hours: TBA • MyMathLab Support: 1-800-677-6337

  3. Why Study Statistics? “In our time, the ability to use and manipulate information has become the single most important element of success… Those who work by manipulating ideas and abstractions are the leaders and beneficiaries of our society.” R. Herrnstein, C. Murray

  4. Student learning outcomes Upon successful completion of this course a student will be able to: •  categorize data set and use appropriate methods to find, summarize, and visually display statistics about the data set. The student will also be able to interpret visual display of statistical data. • take sample statistics and use appropriate procedures, methods, and tests to make inferences about the population. • categorize probability problems and use appropriate theorems and formulas to solve them. • use the appropriate technology to analyze statistical problems. • interpret, communicate, and assess the validity of statistical processes and conclusions.

  5. REQUIRED MATERIALS • MyMathLab Access code • You will be accessing your homework, quizzes, PowerPoint presentations, and other course materials online through the use of MyMathLab. Once you establish an online account, you will have access to the electronic version of the book and StatCrunch – statistical application which eliminates the need for a calculator. You can buy MyMathLab access code by going to and selecting “Register” option. • You will be asked for a COURSE ID:

  6. OPTIONAL MATERIALS • Text: Essentials of Statistics, 4/E by Mario F. Triola • Access Code - comes with your textbook and is needed to access ALL course material. The code is valid for one year • Calculator: You will need a scientific calculator for this class. Students may not share calculators during exams. Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed during exam. • Calculators are available for rent at Price range $9 - $16 per month. Use discount code SDMC92111 for a $5 first time discount.

  7. Expectations of Students • You must be a self-motivated, self-directed student who avoids procrastination and can effectively pace your own learning. • You must establish a daily routine for working on all assigned materials. Assignments are intended to help you stay on task as well as prepare you for exams. • At all times a student’s conduct and language is expected to be respectful of others.

  8. COURSE WORK • This course requires at least 9 hours per week of your time, so plan ahead. Some students may have to put in more time to be successful in this class. • Seek additional help if needed. • Free tutoring is available on campus. Tutoring center is located in room I-207M* *Refer to syllabus for more information.

  9. GRADING STANDARDS Grades will be earned based on a standard scale: A…. 90-100%, B ….80-89%, C ….70-79%, D ….60-69%, F ...00-59% The weights assigned to the different sections of the course will be: • 4 on-line Exams worth 40% • Chapter Quizzes worth 10% • Homework worth 20% • Final Exam (cumulative) worth 30% • TOTAL 100%

  10. TESTS • You will complete 4 Exams on-line • See the tentative schedule for test dates. • No exams will be dropped. • All work should be your own. Any form ofcheating will result in an “F” and a referral to the Dean for further action. *refer to the syllabus for the definition of “Cheating”

  11. HOMEWORK • The purpose of homework is to keep you on task and to prepare you for exams through daily practice. • You may get free help by calling the tutoring center within MyMathLab 1-800-677-6337. PLAN AHEAD and submit your homework a day before it is due to avoid problems. • The computer program gives specific instructions on how the answer is to be entered. When entering special characters or fractions is required, use templates that you will see on your screen.

  12. ATTENDANCE • Attendance is taken by submitted assignments. More than two missed assignments are considered excessive absences. • It is the student’s responsibility to drop all classes in which he/she is no longer participating. • It is the Instructor’s discretion to withdraw a student after the add/drop deadline. • Student who remain enrolled in a class beyond the published withdrawal deadline, as stated in the class schedule, will receive an evaluative letter grade in this class.

  13. EXTRA CREDIT • I will assign Bonus quizzes before each exam. This is your only opportunity to earn extra credit points in this class. Don’t miss it! • Extra points will be added at the end of the class *Refer to syllabus for more information

  14. Communication • General questions that would normally be asked in a classroom environment along with homework questions are to be placed on the discussion board. • You may e-mail me to discuss personal issues or comments that you do not want others to see. • When e-mailing me, please, write Math 119 and your name in the subject line • If you need an immediate answer to your question, please, do not hesitate to call me.

  15. STUDENTS with DISABILITIES Students with disabilities who may need accommodations should notify the instructor within the first two weeks of classso that reasonable accommodations may be implemented as soon as possible.