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Justified True Belief PowerPoint Presentation
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Justified True Belief

Justified True Belief

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Justified True Belief

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    1. Michael Lacewing Justified True Belief Michael Lacewing

    2. Three kinds of knowledge Acquaintance knowledge I know Oxford. Ability knowledge I know how to ride a bike. Propositional knowledge I know that elephants are heavier than mice.

    3. Justified true belief Analyses knowledge in terms of necessary and sufficient conditions I know that p: The proposition p is true; I believe that p; and My belief that p is justified.

    4. Necessary and sufficient conditions Each condition is necessary for knowledge. The three conditions together are sufficient for knowledge.

    5. The appeal of JTB I cant know what is false. I cant know a proposition that I dont believe to be true. Beliefs that are irrational or arent based on the evidence arent knowledge.

    6. The Gettier problem Justification is usually a matter of evidence, e.g. what I remember. Gettier: It is possible to have JTB without knowledge.

    7. Infallibilism Since I cant know something false, if I know that p, it is not possible that I could have made a mistake. Justified belief is true belief. If my belief could be false, then it is not justified. Is this too strong?

    8. Development Condition 4: My justification for believing that p stands up to the facts. I know that p if my justification for believing that p is undefeated.

    9. Objection Is this enough for knowledge? Or should we consider what the facts might have been?