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Products and Services for Consumers

Products and Services for Consumers. Chapter. 12. Quality. Market-Perceived Quality. 12-2. Performance Quality. Irwin/McGraw-Hill. Products and Culture.  Cultural Influences  Innovative Products and Adaptation  Diffusion of Innovations ▶ Degree of Perceived Newness

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Products and Services for Consumers

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  1. Products and Services for Consumers Chapter 12

  2. Quality Market-Perceived Quality 12-2 Performance Quality Irwin/McGraw-Hill

  3. Products and Culture  Cultural Influences  Innovative Products and Adaptation  Diffusion of Innovations ▶ Degree of Perceived Newness ▶ Perceived attributes of Innovation ▶ Communication Methods  Characteristics of Innovations  Product of Innovation 12-3 Irwin/McGraw-Hill

  4. Degree of Newness Congruent Innovations 12-4 Continuous Innovation Dynamically Continuous Innovation Discontinuous Innovation Irwin/McGraw-Hill

  5. Characteristics of Innovations  Relative Advantage  Compatibility  Complexity  Trialability  Observability 12-5 Irwin/McGraw-Hill

  6. Product Component Model SUPPORT SERVICESCOMPONENT PACKAGING COMPONENT  Repair and maintenance  Deliveries 12-6 CORE COMPONENT  Trademark  Price  Product platform  Design features  Functional features  Legal  Warranty  Installation  Quality  Brand name  Package  Instructions  Spare parts  Legal  Styling  Other related services  Legal Irwin/McGraw-Hill

  7. Product Component Analysis for Adaptation ● Core Component ▶ Physical Product ▶ Features ▶ Design ● Packaging Component ▶ Style ▶ Brand Name ▶ Packaging ▶ Quality ▶ Labeling ▶ Price ▶ Trademarks ● Support Services Component ▶ Repair ▶ Warranties ▶ Maintenance ▶ Deliveries ▶ Instructions ▶ Spare Parts ▶ Installation 12-7 Irwin/McGraw-Hill

  8. Unique Characteristics of Services • Inseparable in that its creation cannot be separated from its consumption. • Heterogeneous in that it is individually produced and is thus virtually unique. • Perishable in that once created it cannot be stored but must be consumed simultaneously whit its creation. 12-8 Irwin/McGraw-Hill

  9. Top Consumer Services Exports • Tourism 5. Telecommunications • Transportation 6. Entertainment • Financial Services 7. Information • Education 8. Health Care 12-9 Irwin/McGraw-Hill

  10. Four Barriers That Face Consumer Services Marketers • Protectionism • Controls on Transborder Data Flows • Protection of Intellectual Property • Cultural Requirements for Adaptation 12-10 Irwin/McGraw-Hill

  11. Brand Strategies Global Brands 12-11 National Brands Global/National Brand Mix Private Brand Irwin/McGraw-Hill

  12. Alu-Fanny: French Foil wrap Crapsy Fruit: French cereal Kum Onit: German pencil sharpeners Plopp: Scandinavian chocolate Pschitt: French lemonade Atum Bom: Portuguese tuna Kack: Danish sweets Mukk: Italian yogurt Pocari Sweat: Japanese sport drink Poo: Argentine curry powder Would They Sell in the United States? 12-9 Irwin/McGraw-Hill

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