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Latinas in Advertisement Part II PowerPoint Presentation
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Latinas in Advertisement Part II

Latinas in Advertisement Part II

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Latinas in Advertisement Part II

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  1. Latinas in Advertisement Part II By Katie Blake & ViolettaOrlowski

  2. Got milk? • Salma Hayek frantically searches for milk in heels and a dress • Obviously the commercial was meant to be dramatic, but did the advertising company choose a Latina to make it more dramatic? • Would it be less effective/funny if the actress was of a different race? • • • Do you notice any differences with how the two mothers are shown?

  3. “Size Sassy” Special K: Different Sizes Shown: • SizeVa VaVoom • Size Ooh La La • Size Confident • Size Radiant • SizeSassy • Is this meant to target Latinas “body image”? • Focus Less on the size and more on how it “feels” • What is the correlation between size “sassy” & the way Latinas attitudes are represented?

  4. How much has really changed? Selena Coca-Cola commercial in 1988 What do you notice? • Attractive Latina celebrity • Voluminous hair • Red lips • Red outfit • Dramatic • Upbeat • Dancing • Sexy theme

  5. How much has really changed? (contd.) Eva Longoria L'Oreal Commercial 2012: Are Latinas still depicted the same way in advertising? • Attractive Latina celebrity • Red dress • Drama • Bed of roses • Sexy theme

  6. From the reading… • “In accordance with the view that Hispanics may have lower incomes but larger families, companies like Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, Sears, & McDonalds, and producers of packaged foods & family oriented basic products have historically targeted this market, rather than companies supplying luxury or status products (credit cards, computers, luxury cars)….” (Images) • “…motivated by family & collective, not individual, needs & desires.” (Images) • Types of ads are commonly lower end products, not luxury • For example, many high-calorie, low-nutrient foods are primarily targeted to black and Latino neighborhoods more than white neighborhoods. Source: Wal-Mart: •

  7. Family ITT Tech • Rich Rodriguez VS Blair Schumann • • What differences do you notice between the attitudes of Rich & Blair?

  8. Family ITT Tech: • Rich is motivated by the collective needs of his family • Blair discusses his individual ambitions for success to improve himself

  9. Family Orbit Gum: • • Multiple generations in same house • Patriarchal household where new boyfriend has to seek the father’s approval

  10. Family Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches: • How is this family portrayed? • Is it clear which Hispanic ethnicity they are trying to represent?

  11. NY Latino Film Festival Ads “Hoping to reach New York City Urbanites between the ages of 25 and 45 the 2012 HBO New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) with the pro bono help of Wing, a marketing communications agency, launched a print and television ad campaign aimed at broadening the appeal of the NYILFF, running August 13-19, 2012 in New York City.”

  12. NY Latino Film Festival Ad

  13. NY Latino Film Festival Ad

  14. NY Latino Film Festival Ads • How do these ads, coming directly from a Latino organization, differ from those coming from primarily Caucasian advertising companies? • Do you find these ads offensive? • If these ads were produced by an advertising agency would they be considered offensive?

  15. NY Latino Film Festival Ads • •

  16. To conclude.. How would YOU like to see Latinas in advertisements? Do you see any other issues with the depiction of Latinas in advertisement? Questions/comments/concerns?