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November 2010

Melamine Markets & Applications. November 2010. Melamine. Limitless possibilities now & in the future. Melamine is not for human consumption. Melamine should never be added to any food product Including pet food. Melamine unique qualities.

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November 2010

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  1. Melamine Markets & Applications November 2010

  2. Melamine Limitless possibilities now & in the future

  3. Melamine is not for human consumption Melamine should never be added to any food product Including pet food

  4. Melamine unique qualities • Principal characteristics make melamine chemically unique: • Stability - Highly resistant to heat and physical / chemical degradation • Structure – when added with other chemicals and chemical compounds provides surface properties like hardness, gloss and scratch resistance • Nitrogen content of 66 % allows it to be flame retardant and moisture resistant

  5. Melamine in the…………. Americas World Market Americas 72% in laminates and coatings

  6. Application Coating Resins

  7. Melamine Applications in the Americas High Pressure Laminates (HPL) Low Pressure Laminates (LPL) Adhesives, resins for wood-based panels 42% 58%

  8. Application Laminates

  9. More Applications Paper Impregnation Medium-density fiberboard

  10. Melamine in laminates The melamine molecule typically multiplies horizontally This reaction is why melamine works so well for surfaces High Pressure Laminates are typically surfaces Low Pressure Laminates are typically vertical

  11. Application Moulding Compounds

  12. Benefits found by producers of MF Resins • Excellent Durability • Versatility • High wear resistance • Low emissions

  13. Application Concrete Plasticizers

  14. Application Flame Retardants

  15. Application Foam Products

  16. New and increasing applications Glues/Adhesives in Wood Based Panels    Particleboard (PB) and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) • Purpose: to reduce formaldehyde emissions • Goal: achieve CARB (California Air Resources Board) Phase 2 compliant • (note: Federalized in July 2010 via US Congress and signed by President Obama) • Usage: 1-2-3% in all Urea Formaldehyde (UF) resins • 2011 demand: 15-20kt • Flame retardants • Foam products for bedding and furniture • Purpose: reduce deaths as result of fires • Goal: meet federal guidelines that vary between products • Usage: added as melamine crystal to polyols • 2011 demand: 1-2kt • Paints • Purpose: allow the safe exit of persons from buildings • Goal: meet local requirements ie New York City Housing buildings • Usage: additive in dry form to specialty paints • 2011 demand: <.5kt

  17. Supply/Demand Dynamics • China is and will continue to be the wild card • Antidumping case in the EU is projected to rearrange the Chinese focus from Europe to ROW • Shift in natural gas in winter from industrial to residential needs • Older, less efficient plants are not projected to remain viable • In past few years China had to export ~150kt for global supply/demand to be in balance • Japanese production is expensive vs rest of world • Will both Nissan and Mitsui continue? • Europe’s natural gas is expensive vs rest of world • Will current capacity continue • Total cost due to raw materials (natural gas/ammonia/urea) & social systems make for • expensive product • Middle East has new capacity in Qatar but majority must be exported • Iranian production has limited outlets • No new capacity announced • Americas • Only producer was Cytec in Louisiana, prior to MHTL coming online in recent months • Americas has been net importer for ~10 years • Cytec and MHTL combined will shift Americas to a net exporter • General • Melamine plants typically don’t run at full rates year after year • Currency fluctuations cause shifts in geographic focus

  18. Silo to Shipping in Trinidad

  19. The Evolution of Sustainable, Cost-Effective Decorative Surface Materials In the early 1900’s the first plastic laminate material was made by impregnating kraft paper (similar to brown bag paper) with phenolic resin and compressing it under high temperatures and pressure in a process called thermosetting that irreversibly cured the resin. The resulting material was resistant to heat, water, chemicals and electrical current………. For more - http://www.surfaceandpanel.com/ Under Education Tab

  20. Videos of Manufacturing some of melamine End uses http://video.bobvila.com/m/21321098/manufacturing-laminate-flooring.htm Laminate Flooring http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBrgZihZhjs&feature=related Chipboard Desks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW1RY7FZjFs&feature=related Corrugated Paperboard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qitenYvpSx4&feature=related MDF and HDF

  21. Melamine Market Outlook 2011 • Global demand continues to increase • Growth rates vary in each area of the world • Economy improves as consumer confidence increases • Supply of melamine improves as MHTL/Qatar production increases to full capacity • Moderate improvement in stocks from Q2 onward • Supply from China into Europe remains in doubt due to antidumping claim in the EU • Price are stable through Q1, after increases every Q of 2010 • Prices decrease slightly then stabilize after Q2 • Market welcomes MHTL’s new capacity • MHTL’s is able to achieve market penetration/share without being disruptive • Global Supply/Demand continues to be the major driver relative to pricing

  22. Limitless possibilities now and in the future

  23. And………..

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