space weather solar magnetism magnetic measurements n.
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Space Weather Solar Magnetism Magnetic Measurements PowerPoint Presentation
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Space Weather Solar Magnetism Magnetic Measurements

Space Weather Solar Magnetism Magnetic Measurements

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Space Weather Solar Magnetism Magnetic Measurements

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  1. Space WeatherSolar MagnetismMagnetic Measurements Allen Gary Center for Space Plasma and Aeronomic The University of Alabama in Huntsville

  2. The Definition - Space WeatherThe conditions on the Sun, in Interplanetary Space, and in Earth’s uppermost atmosphere that can influence the performance of space-borne and ground-based technological systems and endanger human life or health. The Driver - Solar Magnetic Eruptive Events*  X-Rays, Cosmic Rays, and Solar Wind Event Detectors  Geo-Space Environment * Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections

  3. It all starts at the Sun Flare or Coronal Mass Ejection: Violent release of as much as a billion tons of matter – A small asteroid (d=0.5 mile) The energy release can be equivalent of 40 billion Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs in radiation & particles. (5x kinetic energy of ISS) Earth RSun=109 REarth 1AU=215 Rsun=Earth-Sun distance REarth=4000miles

  4. Solar Eruption CME Aligned with the Solar Magnetic Fields Solar Flare Aligned with Geo-Magnetic Field Radiation Particles Storms SPACE WEATHER Electric Transformer Burnout Aurora

  5. Solar Eruptive Event 8 Minutes X-Rays 10s Mins Cosmic Rays Few Days Plasma Clouds

  6. Emerging magnetic fields on the Sun produce sunspots Extreme Ultraviolet B Magnetic Field Lines v F e- Sunspots of a Solar Active Region Bar magnet analogy of solar nagnetic fields

  7. Magnetic Field Generator I +Direct Electric Current Lorentz Force electrons I=Electric Current B= Magnetic Field F=Force Steady Magnetic Field B v F e-

  8. Electric Generator-Magnetometer ~ Steady Magnetic Field (Solar Wind Magnetic Field) B Rotating Wire I Electromotive force = - dB/dt Flipping via bi-metalic springs with heaters

  9. SOLAR WIND OUTFLOW V B Positive Region + - V + - Negative Region B MAGNETIC FIELD DIRECTION

  10. Space Weather Detector: B B Parker Spiral

  11. Total force Incident Reflected Solar Sailing 8 Year Mission Solar Polar Image POLARIS

  12. Detectors • Magnetometers: Magnetic Field Changes • High Energy Solar Particles Energetic Particle Detector • Solar Storms – Magnetic Clouds (CME) Solar Wind Spectrometers • Imagers EUV Telescope Solar Weather Monitoring and 3D Structure of Solar Wind

  13. THE END Or perhaps the beginning for “Anything that one man can imagine, other men can make happen” Jules Verne