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  1. Do Now TAKE OUT YOUR HOMEWORK Imagine if you were there…You are a farmer in northern China in 1212 AD. As you pull weeds from a wheat field, you hear a sound like thunder. Looking toward the sound, you see hundreds- no THOUSANDS- of armed horsemen on the horizon, riding straight toward you. You are frozen with fear. Only one thought fills your mind- the dreaded Mongols are coming. What can you do to save your life?

  2. The Yuan & Ming DynastiesChapter 14 Section 4 • Big Idea: The Chinese ruled by foreigners during the Yuan dynasty, but they threw off Mongol rule & prospered during the Ming dynasty.

  3. Mongol Conquest • Genghis Khan • Born in 1162 AD, founder of largest connecting empire in history • 1206AD- united the Mongol clans • Raided & Pillaged throughout Asia & Eastern Europe • Then in 1211 AD he led his cavalry army into China • Died in 1227 AD sons & grandsons continued destruction

  4. Life in Yuan China • 1260Kublai Khan-(grandson to Genghis) • 1279 declared- Emperor of China, thus begun • Yuan Dynasty • Implemented Postal service • Time when Marco Polo visited China • Chinese resented Mongols, saw them as uncivilized • Mongols were not content with China, set out for Japan • Turned back twice by Kamikaze • Dynasty broke & ripe for rebellion, 1368 rebel army won (Ming)

  5. Kamikaze

  6. With a partner please answer the following questions below using pages 427-429 • How long did the Ming dynasty rule for? • Who was Zheng He? • What was the Forbidden City? • How did isolationism affect China?

  7. The Ming Dynasty

  8. Review: with a partner answer these three questions • Who was Genghis Khan? • What happened during the Yuan Dynasty? • What was the Forbidden City of the Ming Dynasty?

  9. Homework • Be ready for Jeopardy tomorrow • Test will be Thursday

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