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cut paper collage

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cut paper collage

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  1. KindergartenOwl CollageObjectiveTo give students the opportunity to practice their ripping and cutting skills; practice drawing large shapes and using liquid glue.Materials12"x18" black paperassorted brown colored papergreen paper - 12”x3” per studentyellow paper (for eyes)orange paper (for beak and feet)pencils (white pencil also)scissorsElmers glueglue dot practice sheetMake sure the students put their name and date on every project!

  2. cut paper collage

  3. photomontage collage of pictures or photos

  4. wood collage

  5. Owl Collage

  6. outline a simple branch cut out the branch

  7. draw the body of the owl

  8. draw the head of the owl

  9. Procedure (print this page and the next two pages to teach from) • Step 1 : Review the word “collage” and what it means. • Collages of a certain type can include the following: • Paper collage – One of the more simple forms of collage. Various pieces of paper gathered and put together to create a unique collage only from paper products. • Photomontage – whether done by hand or with the help of a computer, a photomontage is a collage of pictures or photos. • Wood collage – Create from pieces of wood, whether it be from scraps, old furniture, crates, barrels, house parts, driftwood, branches, sticks, bark, etc. • We will be creating an Owl Collage. • Owls are nocturnal - they are active at night and rest during the day. • Ask the students why we will make our collages on a black paper background. • Step 2: Create a simple branch • Use the 12x3” piece of green paper. Draw a simple branch outline - think of an arm and fingers at the end. Careful - do not make to thin. • Cut the branch shape - use glue on the side of the pencil lines so when place down on the black paper you won’t see the pencil lines. • Put aside. write student’s names on back with white pencil

  10. Step 2: Draw the outline of the owl on the black paper • Draw lightly the outline for the owls body. Use the WHOLE paper. Don’t worry about erasing any lines you don’t want - the eraser marks will be less desirable than the pencil lines. • Put aside. • Step 3: Rip and cut brown paper. • Have the students rip and cut different size pieces - large pieces for the outside of the owl body - to smaller sizes for the center. • Put aside. • Step 4: Gluing the body • First - practice with “Glue Dot Sheet.” This will show the students how much glue they will need and keep from wasting too much. • Start with the body of the owl. Work from the outside - in to the middle • Start with larger pieces of ripped or cut paper • Overlap your pencil outline with the brown paper. Overlap the glued pieces • Don’t use too much glue - (too much will warp the paper and too little won’t stick - start with little dots) • Put a few dots of glue per piece of ripped paper • Step 5: Gluing the body • When the body is done, start the head of the owl. • Working from the outside - in a radial design • Step 6: The details • Use the orange paper for the feet and the beak, yellow for the eyes. To get the circle shape for the eyes, trace around a cup or paint bottle. Use a black marker for the center of the eye. Just a dot - no need for eye lashes or eye brows here.

  11. Glue Dots Practice

  12. vocabulary • collage - a picture of design made by sticking together pieces of paper or photographs to flat surface. Originally a French word meaning “to paste.” • nocturnal - nocturnal animals are active at night • radial - arrange like rays of the sun

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